CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley’s Office Is Like a Floating Museum

When Scott Pelley assumed the role of CBS Evening News anchor in 2011, he'd had a long and storied career of reporting from war zones, refugee camps and even campaign trails. So when he moved into his office overlooking the CBS newsroom, Pelley filled the space with items that remind him of and pay homage to his career at CBS. Above all else, however, his office is a working space for the team responsible for Evening News' soaring ratings. "I think of my office as a meeting place for our correspondents, producers and staff," Pelley said. "We pull up the chairs around the round table in the middle and talk about writing, reporting and the direction of our coverage. The office has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the newsroom one floor below. I always keep the drapes pulled fully back so everyone can spot me and know that my door is open. We're hyper-collaborative. A lot of great ideas are hatched in my office, but they're rarely my own."