James Jorner

4 Ways Dentists Are Using Social Content to Educate Patients

Opinion: Using social content to educate patients is an art that not only shares reliable health information but also promotes business..

Social Marketing and Consumers: 4 Distribution Strategies That Are Still Effective

Opinion: While creating high-quality content is essential, it won’t do you any good if no one sees it. You have to get it to the right people—your target audience—to attract new customers.

4 Ways Brands Are Using Creativity to Drive Sales Online

Opinion: Businesses realize higher sales when they use these creativity techniques: originality, elaboration and artistic value.,

If Social Media Flunks Your Brand, Try Native Advertising

Opinion: Content is king and, although disguised, native advertising does stick to that rule. Unlike social media ads, native ads have a share factor that makes this kind of advertising less expensive than social media.

Marketing Tips for Awkward Brands in a Social Media Era

Opinion: Our timelines on social media are flooded with different marketing campaigns on a regular basis. The majority of this content is from brands that fall into a certain category, creating a myth that social media marketing is selective. While certain brands may seem more in tune with trends, the diversity of social media audiences creates a market for all kinds of products and services to excel.

3 Social Media Mistakes Divorcing Couples Make Every Time

Opinion: After the likes, shares and retweets on social media are over, all you’ll have left are you and the consequences of your actions.

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Brand’s Reputation on Social Media

Opinion: Brand appeal and goodwill are important intangible assets that a brand can capitalize on to drive growth to its bottom line. With social media now taking the lead as a major source for consumer information, your brand's reputation on social networks will impact your customers' impression of it.