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The New Generation of Hybrid Creatives Is Here. Is Your Agency Ready for Them?

Meet Jason. He's an art director/filmmaker/editor/web designer. Or say hello to Sarah. She's a writer/art director/journalist/photographer.  Over there's Ayusha. She's a planner/art director. 

5 Ways Local Awards Shows Make the Ad Industry a Better Place to Work

Last week I attended the Hatch Awards for the 34th time. I had nothing entered. I didn't get to walk up on stage or leave with a silver bowl. My name didn't appear anywhere in the book. I couldn't enjoy that self-centered little rush that comes from beating out a crosstown rival in a category we both hoped to win.

How Volkswagen Just Squandered 55 Years of Great Advertising

"This Volkswagen missed the boat. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn't have noticed it; inspector Kurt Kroner did."

Reality Check: Working at an Agency Is a Pretty Good Life

No industry in the world enjoys self-flagellation quite as much as the advertising industry.

18 Things Great Creative Directors Do Every Day

My friend and former colleague Mark Radcliffe just became the creative director of D'Addario, the world's largest maker of guitar strings with a who's who of famous clients.

If You Could Pick Only One, Would You Hire Don, Peggy or Joan?

We know them better than we know some of our own peers. We've admired their work. We've watched them present. We've seen them build an agency. We've also witnessed them create problems, fail miserably and fight among themselves.

5 Marketing and Creativity Books That Stand the Test of Time

I recently cleaned out my Mullen office after 31 years at the agency and lugged my remaining books to my new office at Boston University. When I shared a photo of the transition, someone asked which of the many marketing and creativity books I'd collected over the years still held up. So I made a list. It doesn't include many of the more recent hits; it's too soon to tell if they'll truly hold up. So no Malcolm Gladwell or Clay Shirky or Steven Johnson. Nor does it include many of my personal favorites (Helmut Krone, The Book or D&AD's The Copy Book). I excluded others that I’d recommend you read (Ken Segall’s Insanely Simple or Ken Auletta's Googled). Why leave them out? Because the question was quite specific. So here's the answer: five marketing/creative books that have stood the test of time.

The Digital Exchange

If nothing else, SXSWi is a celebration of ideas. We share them, question them, challenge them and gather around them. Perhaps most importantly, we search for new ideas and try […]

What Can Twitter Do for You?

Whenever I start a conversation about Twitter with someone who doesn’t use it — or who tried it, but never got beyond the inane act of twittering some insignificant detail […]