From Classroom to Boardroom, Adweek’s New Leadership Team on Bridging the Gap of Education in Marketing

Marketing manifestation from the ground level and beyond

Leaders from Glossier, Shopify, Mastercard and more will take the stage at Brandweek to share what strategies set them apart and how they incorporate the most valued emerging trends. Register to join us this September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this special episode of CMO Moves, Antonio Lucio (AMA Marketing Hall of fame inductee and host of Adweek’s Home / Work podcast), Juliette Morris (CEO of Adweek), Ann Marinovich (CCO of Adweek), and Jenny Rooney (Adweek’s new Chief Experience Officer) sit down to discuss giving back to the community and the ways the industry is transforming its educational programs.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear all about the future of Adweek’s North Star and mission from their very own leadership team.