Dave & Busters Kicks Off Football Season With Travis Kelce and Humor

By Kyle O'Brien 

Travis Kelce D&B

Football season kicks off tonight—and Dave & Buster’s wants viewers to know that it has plenty of viewing and chewing options at its entertainment restaurants.

The chain is out to prove that it is the best place to watch every game—and it’s doing so with humor and a tag by NFL star Travis Kelce, as it touts “football is better on 40-foot screens.”

The campaign, from Mother NY, leverages Dave & Buster’s as an energetic indoor atmosphere, offering new shareable menu items that are best enjoyed with others to achieve that winning feeling.


In “The Perfect View,” a group of friends sits down in a bar to watch a football game. Their TV view becomes obstructed moments after sitting down, when three progressively bigger cheeseheads sit in front of them. They solve their dilemma by heading to Dave & Buster’s for the 40 foot screens, as Travis Kelce says from a Dave & Busters table to close out the spot, “Dave & Buster’s—where winners watch.”

In “Ruff Guy,” two buddies walk into a bar and politely ask for the game to be put on, to which a disgruntled bartender tells them they need to “ask him”—and points to a dog, who growls his disapproval from the barstool.

The campaign will run through October on paid and organic social, ESPN broadcast & digital streaming, NBCU, Roku, Hulu and YouTube.

Mother NY previously produced campaigns for Dave & Busters, including one where a shark conveniently lets a man know how many new menu items are available.