Adweek Webinar Presented by The Trade Desk

Capture the Cross-Device Shopper: Take a Strategic Approach to the Holiday Season

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

In the process of buying a single present, your target customers will reach for mulitple devices to research products, compare prices and even complete their purchase. Now is the time to take a strategic approach to reaching these cross-device shoppers.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Dun & Bradstreet

B2B’s Programmatic Inflection Point: How Data-Driven Ads Are Changing Business Targeting

Thursday, November 3, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

While programmatic has become the de facto standard for consumer brand advertising, its use in B2B marketing is still being defined. Dun & Bradstreet will showcase exclusive findings from a survey of B2B advertisers and examine why B2B programmatic is at an important inflection point. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Shutterstock

Rule the Video-Driven World: A Practical Guide to Powerful Content

Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

If your brand isn't certain about how to best use video, you're missing out on significant customer engagement. Get a practical approach to preparing your business for a video-driven world, from creating your strategy and locating collaborators, to delivering your message and measuring results. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Brand Networks

Pinterest for the Holidays and Beyond: How Social Discovery Drives the End-to-End Shopping Experience

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

Is your digital advertising strategy ready to make the most of the holiday shopping season? If so, Pinterest should be at the top of your list. Find out why people on Pinterest spend 2X more during the holidays, along with best practices on how to use its ad targeting. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Hightail

The Hidden Costs of a Broken Creative Process: Stop Wasting Your Time and Money

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

Have you ever stopped to consider how much time and money is wasted by a broken creative process? Find out ways to get teams aligned to make your creative collaboration as efficient as your well-negotiated media plan. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Crimson Hexagon

Social Listening 2.0: How Machine Learning Gets to the “Why” of Analytics

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast October 4, 2016)

New social media analytics tools, built on powerful machine learning and AI technologies, dive deep into the nuances of consumer sentiment and purchase intent and surface new trends and audience affinities as they evolve. Learn how cutting-edge brands are using these tools to stay ahead of the competition.

Adweek Webinar Presented by 4INFO

Beyond the Walled Garden: A Strategic Approach to Taking Control of Your Digital Media

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast September 29, 2016)

Marketers grumble about Walled Gardens—big digital media properties that use your customer information for a campaign, then wall you off from important user data. The reality: These big players are unavoidable and smart marketers need to make strategic choices to maximize every ad dollar.

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

Find the New Voice of Your Customer: Get Insights from Social…and Digital, Customer Care, Surveys and More

Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

According to Forrester Research, over 65 percent of customer feedback is not being analyzed by companies. That's a missed opportunity to add the voice of the customer to your customer experience management initiatives.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Contently

Create Content That Actually Matters: How GE Engages a Huge, Devoted Audience

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast September 20, 2016)

A lot of companies producing content fail to deliver the kinds of stories that audiences crave. But brands such as GE have found explosive ways to break through and reach a huge audience with content that goes viral. Find out the secret to creating the kind of content people actually want to watch and read.

Adweek Webinar Presented by AdParlor

Trigger Social Ads with Sports & Weather: How Brands Are Building Their Real-Time Campaigns

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast September 14, 2016)

Real-time triggers—such as sports news, weather or various social trends—can help brands deliver personalized, relevant ads based on what's being talked about across social channels. Hear about strategies, use cases and real-world examples of triggered campaigns.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Acxiom

Find Your Perfect Customer: A Matchmaker for the Digital Age

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast September 8, 2016)

Do you really know who your customers are? Too many marketers put customer experience at risk by not having a clear picture of their perfect customer. The solution: getting a single view of every customer via customer recognition.

Adweek Webinar Presented by YP

Unlock the Value of Mobile & Search Data: A Holistic Approach for Generating Actionable Insights

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 30, 2016)

Mobile and search intent data can be a firehose of real-time information about consumers as they move through the real world. Get an updated view of the current data-driven mobile-digital landscape, with an eye on how to build an effective, actionable and holistic strategy.

Adweek Webinar Presented by SundaySky

Why You’re Getting Personalization Wrong: The Future of 1-to-1 Engagement

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 23, 2016)

Everyone knows personalization works. So why are so many brands still getting it wrong? Hear from guest speaker Forrester Research and SundaySky about why individualization is where the power of personalization lies and how to implement a strategy that delivers both consumer value and business impact. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Urban Airship

The State of Mobile Wallet Marketing: Discovering the Growing Opportunity for Brands

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 16, 2016)

For marketers looking to reach mobile users, mobile wallet passes present opportunities for transforming loyalty card programs, delivering special offers and enhancing mobile engagement. Get the results of Urban Airship's recent mobile wallet marketing survey to learn how consumers are using this solution. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by IBM Marketing Cloud

Better Behavioral Targeting: Take Advantage of the Latest Insights from Decision Science

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 11, 2016)

Join Phil Barden, author of Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy, for a look what happens in the human brain when buyers make their decisions. He'll discuss the latest developments in behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience and how they can be applied pragmatically to marketing.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Brand Networks

The Future of Instagram Advertising: How to Stay Ahead of the Social Curve

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 2, 2016)

In late 2015, Instagram advertising exploded onto the digital ad landscape. Nearly a year later, it is one of the most powerful advertising engines on the planet—and it's not slowing down anytime soon. So what are you doing to get the most out of your Instagram ad dollars?

Adweek Webinar Presented by Spredfast

Social Shopping Trends: How the Visual Web Is Disrupting the Path to Purchase

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast July 27, 2016)

Emerging technologies from Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and others promise to merge targeted social advertising, sophisticated data aggregation and e-commerce. Find out how shoppable social platforms will make the path to purchase simple and seamless.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Hightail

Is Your Brand-Agency Relationship Complicated?

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast July 26, 2016)

The relationship between a brand and its agencies is a lot like a marriage. Love at first creative sight is a great start, but how do you keep it going after the honeymoon phase? Find out the 5 ways successful brands and agencies work together to help you create the relationship of your dreams. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Neustar

Tune in to Addressable TV: Incorporate Digital Targeting and Data Science in Your TV Buys

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast July 13, 2016)

Through addressable advertising technology, TV can now deliver many of the benefits typically associated with digital—more granular targeting and the ability to tie ad exposure to results. But where exactly does addressable TV fit in a typical media buy?

Adweek Webinar Presented by Emma

Winning Crowded Inboxes: Why Smarter Segmentation Ensures Deeper Email Engagement

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast June 28, 2016)

Standing out in today's stuffed-to-the-brim inboxes can be incredibly tough. And getting people to actually open and engage with your emails? That's a beast. See how top-performing campaigns are using segmentation techniques to deliver relevant, engaging experiences via email.

Adweek Webinar Presented by 4INFO

Is Full-Funnel the Holy Grail of Analytics?

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast June 22, 2016)

As spending on mobile ads has exploded, so has the demand for campaign accountability. Learn about the vital role full-funnel analytics play in painting a detailed picture of mobile and cross-screen campaign success.

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

How Social Goes Viral: An In-Depth Look at a Top Smartphone Campaign

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast June 14, 2016)

When a major smartphone manufacturer used a top rap star and a popular catch phrase in its new product videos, everyone knew what they were after: viral victory. But what had the biggest impact on the success of this campaign—celebrity endorsement or good creative?

Adweek Webinar Presented by DataSift

Audience Targeting with Facebook Topic Data: Gain Insight into What Your Audience Is Actually Interested in

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast June 7, 2016)

A growing number of agencies and brands are adding a new tool to their social stack: Facebook topic data, insights from an aggregated, anonymized analysis of the billions of interactions from consumers on Facebook. Find out how it is being leveraged for creative, media planning and product development.

Adweek Webinar Presented by IBM Marketing Cloud

The Irrational Path to Purchase: Why Customer Behavior Is Not Always Logical

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast June 1, 2016)

Hear from renowned behavioral economist Dan Ariely, Adweek's guest speaker for this webinar, about the context of the customer journey and how it impacts decisions. Author of the best-selling Predictably Irrational, Ariely has been researching human behavior and the unpredictability of decision-making for more than two decades.

Adweek Webinar Presented by DialogTech

Paid Search for a Multi-Device World: New Rules to Drive Clicks, Calls and Customers

Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

The rules for optimizing conversions from paid search have changed. In today's mobile-first world, you must adopt new ad formats, bidding and targeting strategies, and attribution and optimization technologies to drive clicks, calls and customers.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Spredfast

A Social TV Playbook: How FOX News, the NBA and Twitter Go Big on the Second Screen

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast May 19, 2016)

From big games to breaking news, major televised events amplify their urgency and importance by quickly becoming the top social media trending topics. But the second screen is no longer just a place for the real-time water cooler conversation. It's where people go for of-the-moment feeds of video clips and news.

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

When Your Brand Is in Crisis: How to Track Reputation Repair on Social Media

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast May 10, 2016)

A crisis like a health scare or a false rumor can quickly take down a successful brand. But its possible to weather these kinds of troubles. Using social listening strategies, brands can contain the crisis, prevent the spread of misinformation and minimize the impact to the bottom line.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Luth Research

Tracking the Path to Purchase: Insights from the Auto, Computer and Travel Industries

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast May 3, 2016)

What do you really know about the consumer's path to purchase? Disrupted by mobile and digital channels, today's shoppers exhibit decidedly different behaviors than they did just a couple of years ago. Join Luth Research for a fresh perspective of how consumers are shopping in the omnichannel world. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by TubeMogul

Big Data at the Upfronts: What Are You Doing to Optimize Your TV Buys?

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 27, 2016)

Like it or not, your TV ad dollars aren't delivering the way they used to. But looking to this year's upfronts, media buyers and brands have options: the next generation of ad tech promises to reach TV audiences more effectively. Spoiler alert: It's all about the data.

Adweek Webinar Presented by YP

From Store Visits to Audience Insights: Getting the Most from Your Mobile Campaigns

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 21, 2016)

It's not enough to use data, analytics and insights to inform your mobile strategy. To be truly effective, you need a clear understanding of the consumer journey. Tracking store visits at the individual store level is essential to mobile and offline attribution and can provide actionable insights.

Adweek Webinar Presented by The Trade Desk

Native Advertising Best Practices: How to Scale Your Campaign Through Programmatic

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 19, 2016)

As advertisers and publishers turn to native advertising as a valuable alternative to digital display, they're being challenged to maximize the influence and distribution of their premium content-driven campaigns. Get an overview of best practices for using programmatic native solutions. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by 4INFO

Location Fails: Five Major Mistakes Made by Mobile Advertisers

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 13, 2016)

Marketers see location-based mobile advertising as the Holy Grail of targeting. But that doesn't mean they're doing it right. Find out the five most common mistakes marketers make when leveraging location in mobile advertising…and how to fix them.


Adweek Webinar Presented by Teradata

Control the Content Floodgate: Deliver Individualized Experiences with Brand Consistency and Marketing Agility

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 6, 2016)

Customers demand content that is personal, contextual and available across a range of channels and devices—creating a deluge of offers and information to produce. Optimizing the content creation process can help maximize your marketing team's productivity.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Work Market

The Care and Feeding of Freelancers: Why Top Media Brands Are Embracing On-Demand Talent Networks

Avalable On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 30, 2016)

A growing number of organizations are turning to on-demand networks of freelance professionals. The goal? Streamline the process, reduce the barriers to finding the best talent and ensure that the right freelancer is matched to the right project.

Adweek Webinar Presented by TUNE

Engagement Is the New Acquisition: Get More Out of Your Mobile App Marketing

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 23, 2016)

How valuable are mobile app customers? Recent analysis found that customers who have a company's mobile app are worth twice as much as its loyalty club members. So what are you doing to win them, understand them, engage them and serve them via mobile?

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

Social Adds Pizzazz: How Sock Star Stance Got in on Kia’s Big Game Ad

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 15, 2016)

Fast-growing lifestyle brand Stance is making noise with its bold, daring socks...including a cameo in Kia's high-profile Big Game ad. Its secret? Using social audiences as a competitive advantage. Hear from Stance about its playbook for applying social listening and analysis to disrupt marketing.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Oracle Marketing Cloud

A Better Customer Experience: Where MarTech and AdTech Meet for Performance Advertising Success

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 10, 2016)

Performance advertisers know that data insights and integrations form the core of a winning campaign, both from a creative and a revenue standpoint. But many aren't taking full advantage of the information they have access to. Enter the Data Management Platform (DMP).

Adweek Webinar Presented by Teads

Why People Block Ads: Premium Content May Be at Risk

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 8, 2016)

Free content depends on advertising, but the widespread adoption of ad blockers hurts publishers' ability to maintain this business model. It's time for media professionals to start taking action. Start by asking what motivates users to install ad blockers in the first place.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Tracx

Capture the Full Conversation: Using Deep Social Listening to Uncover Valuable Consumer Insights

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 2, 2016)

Many marketers believe that brand mentions and sentiment are sufficient in social listening. But the full conversation includes context, post attribution, interactions and more. Take a deep dive into what you need to complete the customer picture.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Hightail

Why Creative Projects Fail: Top Five Lessons in Avoiding Disaster

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 24, 2016)

Are your eyes bigger than your budget? Have you wasted time and energy trying to make a bad idea work? Creative failure is often rooted in the same recurring problems. Find out how to recognize these issues and take pre-emptive steps to avoid catastrophe on your next big project.

Adweek Webinar Presented by TUNE

Global Mobile 2016: Why We’re at the Worldwide Tipping Point for the Mobile Economy

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 17, 2016)

Mobile is at the global tipping point. Get an exclusive look at TUNE's Global Mobile 2016 report and find out why this is the year mobile becomes the essential communications tool not just for developed nations, but for all of humanity. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Neustar

When Marketing Meets Analytics: An Attribution Love Story

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 9, 2016)

Measurement and attribution are part of the perfect match between marketing and brand success. Join Forrester analyst Tina Moffett, Kantar Shopcom CEO Katie Casavant and Neustar's SVP of Strategy Jon Vein as they discuss the latest best practices for measurement and attribution in today's omnichannel world.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Smartling

Content Strategies for Global Brands: Speaking Your Customer’s Language

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast February 3, 2016)

For your content strategy to work, you need to be able to deliver personalized customer experiences worldwide. And that means being able to communicate in a language the consumer understands. Hear from experts representing each stage of the global marketing effort about what they're doing to execute successful content.

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

Improve Your Social Standing: Examining the Rise and Fall of Top Luxury Brands

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 27, 2016)

Get the results of NetBase's just-released report on the world's top luxury brands as defined by consumers on social media. You'll learn how to apply these social listening techniques to capitalize on category insights in your industry and track competitors to know where they excel and where they fumble. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by Spredfast

Fandom in the Social Age: Lessons in Millennial Engagement from Tumblr, MTV and Coca-Cola

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 21, 2016)

Take advantage of the fervor of fans. MTV celebrates these most passionate consumers through its Fandom Awards, a rising star in its tent-pole portfolio, creating unique opportunities for its brand partners. Hear straight from Tumblr, MTV, Coca-Cola and Spredfast about their special Fandom activation.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Toluna

Hear Your Customer’s Voice: Using Real-Time, Ongoing Feedback to Perfect Your Marketing Strategies

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast January 13, 2016)

Major marketers use online communities to listen to their customers and benefit from real-time feedback to improve their marketing decision-making. Hear from insurance/investment giant Transamerica about how it built an online community to get ongoing insights. 

Adweek Webinar Presented by NetBase

Targeting Beyond Demographics: Using Social Data to Create Truly Customer-Centric Content

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 15, 2015)

Demographics don't tell the whole story. The wealth of social data available to marketers today offers the opportunity to create highly specific content for highly specific audiences based on their social behavior.

Adweek Webinar Presented by DialogTech

Paid Search Strategies for Click-to-Call: Proven Tactics to Drive Calls and Sales in 2016

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 9, 2015)

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, phone calls are now among the most important conversion metrics for search advertising. Join click-to-call optimization experts from DialogTech and Optimizely to learn proven strategies top marketers use to drive calls and revenue from paid search.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Emma

Email Is Personal: Crafting Valuable Consumer Experiences and Lasting Brand Impressions

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast December 3, 2015)

Savvy marketers know that harnessing the power of email to create personalized, lasting brand impressions can yield some impressive results. Hear how brands like The Oxford American, Bob's Red Mill and Travel Oregon use email to deliver real value in real time to their followers, their fans and ultimately their customers.

Adweek Webinar Presented by YP

The Zigzag Search Journey: Insights from IDC’s Study of Shifting Consumer Search Behavior

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast November 17, 2015)

Catalyzed by the use of mobile, people are now searching across multiple resources and using different devices from multiple locations. YP commissioned IDC to better understand this zigzagging behavior. Get an overview of the findings.

Adweek Webinar Presented by Spredfast

Social Video Tips and Trends: Focus Your Sharable Content Strategy for Brand Success

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast November 12, 2015)

How do top brands execute effective videos that capture their audiences' imaginations while remaining true to their brand positioning and reputation? Hear from Twitter, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Edelman Digital and Spredfast on what goes into a successful social video strategy.

Adweek Webinar Presented by 4INFO

Weak Links and Broken Promises: The Truth Behind Connecting Mobile Devices and Consumers

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast November 5, 2015)

Consumers' rapid adoption of mobile devices and cross-device browsing has caught many marketers off guard. Join this practical and informative webinar to learn the various methods used to link devices to people and data. All presented in plain English; no advanced degrees required.

Adweek Webinar Presented by The Trade Desk

Cross-Device Cross-Examined: Make the Elusive Match Between Devices and Users

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast October 28, 2015)

As mobile's role becomes more dominant, it has become harder for platforms, publishers and ad tech providers to target consumers as they move between devices. Join The Trade Desk and Adbrain for a candid discussion examining how brands can fully leverage the power of cross-device data.

Adweek Webinar Presented by AdParlor

The Ins and Outs of Instagram: Make the Most of Advertising on Today’s Hottest Social Network

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast October 21, 2015)

On September 30, Instagram kicked its advertising program into high gear, opening its platform to all types of global advertisers and adding a suite of new products, including 30-second video ads and a guaranteed delivery premium product. As brands get in on the frenzy, it's time to figure out best practices for reaching and engaging Instagram's massively loyal 400-million-user base.