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What Marketers Need to Know About 5 New Types of Social Commerce

Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all have different takes

Social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have been trying to infuse their platforms with e-commerce functionalities over the past few years with the aim of attracting more ad…

These Contest-Winning Instagram Photos Re-created Historic Images With a Few Twists

Inspired takes on visual classics

CANNES, France—Thanks to its photo filters, Instagram is known for empowering the common social-media user with a touch of artistry. But the mobile-social platform recently challenged users to show off…

Instagram's New Trending Tags and Places Search Have Real Ad Potential

Now based on user content, they'll interest brands

Instagram announced two updates today designed to allow users to more easily find content that interests them, and it's not hard to imagine advertising getting tucked into the features.  The mobile app…

Skittles Is Auctioning Off Custom-Made Prizes, and You Bid With Facebook Likes

Oil paintings, guitars and more

"Bidding stands at 20 Facebook likes. ... Who'll give me 21? Going once, going twice ... sold for 20 likes to the man with his face buried in a bag…

Here’s How to Make Your Marketing War Room More Zeitgeist Than Zombie

Real-time efforts must be perpetual, not pop up

In the 2000s we built media labs. In the 2010s we've built "live rooms"—much heralded pop-up work spaces in which brands and agencies sift through the noise of real-time data. Shenan…

Facetime: Carolyn Everson, Soledad O'Brien and Steve Martin Step Out for Spring

The week's hottest events

Media parties are heating up as spring turns into summer. The Effies and Tony Awards brought out big stars, while agency anniversaries and tributes celebrated success.

Twitter Unleashes Autoplay Video Ads With a 100% Viewability Promise

If not completely seeable, brands won't be charged

Twitter is now ready to serve autoplay video, which has the potential to change up the experience on the platform with richer and more engaging media. Autoplay video has become…

Adweek Daily Brief: Facebook's Best Campaigns and 2015's Top Picks for Cannes

Plus the story behind Vanity Fair's Caitlyn cover

Want to discover or revisit some of the most creatively effective marketing of the past year? Today's the perfect day for it. Facebook has revealed its annual marketing campaign winners,…

'Catastrophe' Makes Its American Debut on Facebook, Not Amazon Prime

U.K. pilot available 48 hours starting tonight

British comedy Catastrophe will make its American debut this evening on Facebook. While the first season will be available Friday on Amazon Prime, the 24-minute debut episode hits Facebook at 7…

Here Are the 12 Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns From the Past Year

Winners show what works in social

The Ice Bucket Challenge was the past year's best use of Facebook marketing, according to the social network, which just announced its ad award winners. It's no surprise the viral…