Facebook Is Winding Down Its Atlas Ad Serving Platform

Will shift its focus to measurement offerings

Facebook plans on winding down its Atlas ad serving platform to focus on improving the company's measurement capabilities. The news, announced today, comes just days after Facebook unveiled plans for increasing transparency with…

Facebook Increases Transparency By Updating Video and Third-Party Viewability Metrics

It faced growing pressure from marketers

In light of its recent video fiasco and growing pressure from advertisers to open up its so-called walled garden for more third-party verification, Facebook today is announcing a ton of changes…

Facebook Users May Soon See Multiple Products Featured in a Single News Feed Ad

Retailers are testing the format

Ahead of the holiday season, Facebook is testing a different kind of product ad that lets retailers showcase more than one item within the news feed. The two-click process seems to…

Facebook Told a Bunch of Its Users That They Were Dead

Activating false memorials

Apparently, 2016 is even worse than we thought. A glitch briefly took over Facebook Friday, marking some users as dead. Facebook has a system in place for when its users die to…

WikiLeaks, Halloween and the World Series Dominated Social Conversations in October

Facebook and Instagram's hottest topics

In Facebook's world, the holidays are month-long affairs. Every month for Adweek, Facebook IQ evaluates hot topics from the prior month to see which subjects are driving conversation across the tech…

Facebook Removes Ethnic Ad-Targeting Option From Housing, Employment and Credit Ads

After being called out by ProPublica

In response to a ProPublica report last month about Facebook's use of "ethnic affinity" ad-targeting, the social network is making its ad-buying practices more transparent. ProPublica's piece looked at how Facebook…

6 Topics That Gained the Most Traction on Facebook in October

Arboriculture, draft beer and barbecue top the list

Facebook users are getting crafty, splitting their end-of-summer interests neatly between a few final outdoor activities and more winter-minded hobbies. For the October edition of its ongoing Topics to Watch partnership with Adweek,…

Facebook Made $7 Billion Last Quarter and Now Has 1.79 Billion Monthly Users

Revenue rose 56%, but execs say it might slow

Facebook just can't stop adding friends. The tech giant yet again beat its quarterly earnings expectations, reporting revenue of $7.01 billion and a total monthly active user base of 1.79 billion.…

Instagram Is Letting Brands Test Taggable, Buyable Products in Photos

Feature launched with partners like Kate Spade and J. Crew

Instagram is moving further into the world of ecommerce by allowing brands to test taggable products in their photos. The Facebook-owned app is beginning to test organic posts that let nearly…

How Tasty's Addictive Cooking Videos Helped BuzzFeed Build a Food Empire

Social video will make up 50% of publisher's revenue

Alvin Zhou is not your typical video producer. On a recent fall afternoon, he's hovering over a table in a test kitchen cutting and prepping vegetables and meat that he'll…