Tweens Have a Big Say in Household Spending

It's not enough that you've worked hard enough to earn a vacation (and can pay for it, too). Your kids expect to have a say in the matter, too. In the Intelligence Group's newest Cassandra Report, which focuses on tweens and marketing, fully one-third of parents report their kids are "extremely influential" on household purchases big and small.

MTV Study Shows Varying Attitudes Within Millennial Generation

In a bid to learn how to reinvent itself, MTV has conducted another study of today's teens and tweens, The New York Times reported.

DreamWorks to Buy Youth-Oriented YouTube Network

DreamWorks Animation will pay $33 million for a tween- and teen-oriented YouTube network, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Tweenage Wasteland

OMG, tweens are such a headache. That’s not news to parents who regularly grapple with their own prepubescents, but Mark Zuckerberg may be about to find out too.

Tweens Drawn to Web Gaming

Marketing to 8-12-year-old girls can be tricky. No brand wants to seem like the creepy guy handing out candy near an elementary school, not to mention all the privacy concerns involved. But Netherlands-based online gaming company Spil Games is hoping to change that. The company, whose games cater to tween girls, is in the middle of a big push to attract U.S.