True Blood

Has Halloween Become the Start of Fall Cable?

Since AMC first unleashed The Walking Dead in 2010, Halloween has served as a launch pad for horror-themed cable series. The obvious synergies aside, Oct.

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True Blood Is Ending, Y’all

That’s a wrap for HBO’s True Blood, Alan Ball’s Southern-fried follow-up to Six Feet Under.

True Blood’s Star Werewolf Is a Closet DJ

Spec Who Joe Manganiello Age 36

Web Video Stars Also Coming Out for Sandy Victims

Shira Lazar wants to be the next Jerry Lewis.

Voice: Living the Dream

I just unwrapped my brand-new, recently released iTV. It’s amazing! It looks like a 42-inch iPad that I mounted on my living room wall. I could’ve used the stand, but there’s something gorgeous about a giant wall mounted iPad.

Cable Grows a Pair

Where, oh where is a broadcast show with some chest hair?

The Season of Broadcast Disconnect

Perhaps no series is more emblematic of cable’s summer slate than the HBO vampire drama True Blood. A gory bouillabaisse of sex, death and escapism, Alan Ball’s gleefully erratic swamp opera seems to share a strand of DNA with nearly every show on cable.

Data Points: Social TV

Watching television isn’t what it used to be. With smartphones, computers and tablets, people have more ways to watch shows, and even people watching TV are often simultaneously engaged with their phones and tablets.

Information Diet: Patti Stanger

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? I hit Good Day LA on Fox. It’s like the Today show, but local. What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?