A Tumblr Ad Exchange Is Inevitable, Say Industry Players

Since acquiring Tumblr for $1.1 billion, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has hinted at launching an ad exchange for her new social media property.

Early Stats on How Facebook Exchange Ads Perform in News Feed

It was easy money to bet that matching up what is arguably Facebook's most valuable ad offering with its most valuable real estate would pay off.

FBX Partner Rocket Fuel Rakes in $107 Million in 2012

Ad tech outfits tend to keep quiet on how their business is doing, unless business is doing particularly well.

It’s Basic Math That’s Killing Display

A few weeks ago, Adweek ran an investigative feature on the impact of the flux of venture capital dollars into the ad tech space. The piece generated a lot of reaction—mostly positive, though some readers did not agree with much of the piece.

Facebook Exchange Brings Triggit to Near Profitability With $7.4 Million Funding Round

The Facebook Exchange hasn’t only brought ad tech firms a new revenue stream with advertisers looking to retarget users on the social network.

Voice: Hardly a Wreck

Zach Coelius is CEO of San Francisco-based ad tech firm Triggit. The famously outspoken Coelius took some umbrage with a recent Adweek feature. We invited him to respond:

Buyers Bullish on Facebook Exchange

News broke in June that Facebook was readying an ad exchange which would enable advertisers to target people of Facebook based on th