Marketers Should Look Beyond the Dazzle of CGI and Embrace Storytelling

One day this fall, thanks to an Internet rabbit hole I happened to tumble down, I saw an Audi commercial, "Birth," which had come out six months earlier. That's dog years in today's world, so why did this particular ad stop me cold?

TED’s Inspirational Talks Are Coming to Your TV, but Not in English

TED is launching its first TV series in the U.S., though it won't be in English.The global nonprofit known for its popular TEDTalks has partnered with Miami-based Spanish-language broadcaster Vme TV for a 13-episode series called Soy TED.

This New York Anti-Agency Helps Clients Like HP Do Good in the World

Specs Who (From left) Sean Donovan, strategy director; Jeff Smith, chief innovation officer; Rob Holzer, co-founder and CEO; and Nancy Elder, co-founder and chief strategy officer What Creative agency

TED’s 2012 ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ Winners: Longer Ads Rule Again

TED isn't a big fan of the traditional 30-second spot. For its Ads Worth Spreading contest, the organization continually chooses un-ad-like advertisements that are much lengthier than your typical TV commercial—and often never appear on TV at all. This was true last year with the first batch of winners, and is true again this year—check out the 10 winners for 2011/12 below. We've written about most of them here at Adweek. (The Canal+ and Chipotle spots were on our list of the 10 best commercials of 2011.) "We sought out ads that were driven by ideas," says TED curator Chris Anderson of this year's winners. "At TED, we've seen the power of imagination and innovation. We want to reward companies that have invested in longer-form, beautifully crafted campaigns that value human attention and intelligence, and take the time to tell a thought-provoking story."

TED Looks for the Second Batch of ‘Ads Worth Spreading’

TED, the conference famous for showcasing "ideas worth spreading," has been taking on a new challenge—searching for and highlighting worthy ads.

TEDTalks Celebrates Anniversary and Success

In an Internet landscape that heavily features quirky pet reels and horrible, yet mesmerizing, musical performances, TEDTalks celebrates intellectual success.

Wieden + Kennedy rules the TED ad contest

TED has named the 10 winners in its inaugural “Ads Worth Spreading” contest. There’s really one big winner, Wieden + Kennedy, which placed three videos among the top 10—for Chrysler, […]

Rory Sutherland defends advertising at TED

Here's an entertaining speech by Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy Group U.K., from the TED Global 2009 conference, held in Oxford, England, at the end of the July. Sutherland […]

You’re not at TED, but these people sure are

Not everyone can go to Davos. But for the forward-thinking, ambitious agency poohbah, who needs the Alps when the real status symbol is getting into the invitation-only TED conference, the […]