You’re not at TED, but these people sure are

Not everyone can go to Davos. But for the forward-thinking, ambitious agency poohbah, who needs the Alps when the real status symbol is getting into the invitation-only TED conference, the Long Beach, Calif., gathering that kicks off today for those in technology, entertainment and design. The guest list is famously restricted. Some agency types, however, are worming their way in—and letting everyone know about it. Josh Spear, founder of digital consultancy Undercurrent, sets the pace: He blogged about his flight from Davos to TED and dropped that he sat near Radiohead's Thom Yorke. Nicely done. StrawberryFrog's top toad, Scott Goodson, is also kibitzing at TED. He noted on his blog that at last night's opening party, he met a VC from New Zealand, an ergonomist from Australia, a professor from Columbia and even a lady from the Upper West Side. Renny Gleeson, director of digital strategy at Wieden + Kennedy, is more understated, simply Twittering that he's "TED-ing." Quentin George, chief digital officer at Mediabrands, has let his Twitter followers know that while he's not at TED, he wishes he were there and plans to go next year. No sign yet that Sir Martin is blogging from TED.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey