South Park

Ad of the Day: South Park Drove These Mobile Billboards to Places They Weren’t Wanted

We will never be able to forgive South Park—or thank it enough—for that one time it utterly decimated native advertising in a story arc.

We Tested This South Park Fart-Smelling VR Device, and Now We Can Never Unsmell It

The inside of my nose smells like South Park, and I'm worried it will never go away. If you weren't following the Olympics—which saturated all media—too closely, by now you probably know about Nosulus Rift, a bizarre odor-VR product created for Ubisoft's latest South Park game by Paris agency Buzzman and its product arm, Productman, which launched in June. Some background: The game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, will be released in December, so it's deep in promotions period. Demos are already circulating at conferences like Paris Games Week and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.  In the story, all your favorite South Park characters have formed a superhero squad, and you're the new kid, trying to fit in. You are also blessed with a unique superpower—magical farts, which enable you to fight enemies, piss off Cartman ... and also travel in time. Enter the Nosulus Rift, Productman's first-ever product. 

Why The Goldbergs’ Jeff Garlin Quit Twitter, and What’s Next for Curb Your Enthusiasm

Specs Age 53 Claim to fame Star of ABC's The Goldbergs (Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.); executive producer and co-star of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm Base Los Angeles

The Ads Are Defeated, for Now, on South Park’s Brilliant, Biting Season Finale

The ads lost the battle on South Park's season finale Wednesday night—although they may still end up winning the war.

South Park Sets Its Sights on Advertising Yet Again, Blasting Branded Content and Targeted Ads

Trey Parker and Matt Stone hysterically satirized ad blocking and sponsored content during the Nov. 18 episode of South Park, but it turns out the show creators still had plenty more to get off their chest about the advertising industry.

South Park Hysterically Satirized Ad Blocking and Sponsored Content

South Park's 19th season has been unusually strong, thanks to a season-long storyline involving topics like political correctness and gentrification. "Sponsored Content," last night's episode of the Comedy Central hit, was one of its best yet in 2015.

Spanish-Dubbed South Park Will Join Walking Dead and Prison Break on NBC Universo

Aye Dios mío! Mataron a Kenny! Soon you can catch Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan en español on NBC Universo, the sports and entertainment cable network geared toward millennial Hispanics. South Park becomes the third long-running English-language series to make the transition to the NBCU network this week alone, with more expected soon.

Marsh Broflovski Cartman & McCormick: If South Park Were an Ad Agency

South Park begins its 19th season on Wednesday, which makes it older than plenty of notable ad agencies. (Droga5 isn't even 10 yet.) To celebrate the never-endingly awesome Comedy Central cartoon, Brooke Wylie, a copywriter at Denver agency Faction, imagined if South Park were an ad agency. Check out the results below—with Wylie's write-ups and artwork by Faction senior designer Thomas Hutton. You might not hire them, but they'd probably produce some unforgettable work. All images courtesy Comedy Central & South Park Studios.

South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone Sign Lucrative Extension With Comedy Central, Hulu

Unlike death-prone Kenny, it seems that South Park will live forever.

Cablevision Will Offer Hulu Plus to Optimum Customers

Cablevision has reached an agreement with Hulu to offer the company's streaming subscription service, Hulu Plus, to Optimum customers, making it the first cable or satellite provider to distribute the VOD content.