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Life-Sized Action Figures Are Popping Up Around the World to Promote Overwatch

Sometimes, a big video game launch requires something suitably big to promote it.To mark the launch of its long-awaited new title, Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with Droga5 to create three life-sized action figures (mint condition in box, with all accessories) from the game and placed them around the planet.

Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend Using a Skyscraper and a Million Post-it Notes

There's a famous scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan's character looks out the window and sees the Empire State Building all lit up with a heart in the windows, setting unrealistic expectations for every starry-eyed romantic in the free world. To celebrate White Day in South Korea (another romantic holiday a month after Valentine's Day), agency Innored and Post-it were clearly inspired by Meg—creating a clever stunt that uses plenty of Post-its to communicate a man's affection for his girlfriend. Watch as this resourceful dude has 250 messengers create a special message for his special lady:

South Korea’s Ex-Spy Chief Is Found Guilty of Tweeting

Tweeting has famously landed people in heaps of trouble: In fact, nine months ago, it got PR pro Justine Sacco fired and thrown into social-media no man's land. But getting thrown into jail? Thank you for not doing that, America.

How South Korea Uses Psy, VIXX and All of K-Pop to Burnish Its Image

Last month, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena hosted “The M Countdown,” a show featuring top South Korean pop acts like VIXX, BTS, B1A4, Teen Top, IU, G-Dragon, Jung Joon Young, SPICa, CNBlue and Girls Generation.

South Korea Reinvents the Dining Car, Selling Groceries Right on the Subway

At least one South Korean subway train has been turned into a grocery store, according to photos from a confused tourist. And it's not just a little convenience store or standard food car, either—this thing has refrigerated meat and fis

Shadow-Activated QR Code Actually Useful and Cool

For all the talk of mobile-marketing tech, there remains a pretty wide gap between the potential and the practicality of QR codes. That's why it's nice to see this case study from Korea, where a retailer increased lunchtime sales by 25 percent with a shadow-based QR code that's only scannable in the middle of the day.

In South Korea, Oreo Is Breast Milk’s Favorite Cookie (NSFW)

[Note: See Kraft's response in the update below.] Man, advertising gets fun when it doesn't have America's puritanical discomfort with the human body dragging it down. This South Korean ad for Oreo cookies, credited to ad agency Cheil Worldwide, features an image that would send this country into apoplectic shock (breastfeeding and an exposed nipple!). It also stars a surprisingly charismatic baby whose face suggests he totally knows what's happening here and is OK with it. Not sure if the same thing can be said for Nabisco Korea—if this is indeed an approved ad—but that's their problem. Via Ads of the World. NSFW version after the jump. UPDATE: A Kraft rep tells AdFreak: "Kraft Foods did not create this ad. It has never run in Korea or any other markets. This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. The ad was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers."