How Nordstrom and Sephora Are Nailing Social Media Going Into Black Friday

To measure which retailers have the best momentum on social media going into the holidays, Shareablee studied 109 big-box and department store brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram between Nov. 1 and Nov. 18.

NatGeo Remains King of the Social Media Jungle in Updated List of Top 25 Brands

Shareablee, a social marketing company that specializes in data, today released its brand rankings for the companies that created the best engagement via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the third quarter. It's filled with sports players like the NFL, NBA, MLB and Bleacher Report, as well as a pseudo-sports marketer in WWE.

Real-Time Perverts and Trolls Pose Challenges for Periscope Marketers

Brands like Red Bull and Mountain Dew began using Periscope immediately after the real-time mobile video streaming app was released on March 26.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Still Hip With Instagram Audiences

If you approached random millennials in the U.S. and mentioned the line, "in West Philadelphia born and raised," there's a high probability they'd not only the finish the phrase—"on a playground I spent most of my days"—but also recite the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme from memory. 

Big Brands’ Dedication to Instagram Video Pays Off With Follower Lifts

The following marketers regularly make our weekly Adweek/Shareablee chart for the best branded Instagram videos: Starbucks,

Taylor Swift’s Cat Reenacted a Super Bowl Interception and Blew Up Instagram

Pop Warner coaches constantly drill the words "two hands" into the ears of their wide receivers, hoping to train grade-schoolers to properly catch a football. Sometimes the youngsters get the hang of it, other times not.

Should Instagram Let Brands Target Users Based on Location?

The top Instagram video among retailers last week was by Foot Locker, which has picked up nearly 28,000 likes and comments since Jan. 29 with a post for its Penn Station location in New York City.

Here Are the Week’s Top Brands for Instagram Videos

The Golden State Warriors are currently basketball's best team with a record of 36-7. But ask any NBA fan, and they'll tell you that the Bay Area squad is also the league's most exciting.

GoPro Shows How a Cool Soundtrack (and Adorable Dog) Makes Instagram Video Better

Four out of the 10 best-in-category branded Instagram videos from Jan. 12 through Jan. 18 didn't include sound.

Starbucks’ Stop-Motion Clip on Instagram Strikes a Creative Chord

In terms of creativity, this week's Adweek/Shareablee weekly branded Instagram video chart has a strong showing.