Here’s a Look at All the Parts of Levi’s Stadium That Are Sponsored by Brands


How Bethenny Frankel Turned Reality Stardom Into a Business Empire

I t's a well-known fact that reality stars, despite the authenticity implied by the genre's name, often turn out to be very different in real life than they appear on TV.

DDB Chicago Fills Its Top Creative Slot

DDB, three weeks after filling its top creative role on McDonald's in the U.S., has found a new chief creative officer for its Chicago office.

Updated: DDB Chicago Expands Duties on Mars, Safeway

Mars and Safeway have expanded their relationships with DDB's Chicago office.Mars has shifted creative responsibilities for its 3 Musketeers candy bar to the Omnicom Group agency, Mars confirmed. The shop now handles seven Mars brands; the others are Skittles, Starburst, Milky Way, Combos, Lifesavers and Temptations, a snack treat for cats.

Christ’s death helps out Safeway customers

It's good to know that all that suffering on the cross wasn't in vain. Safeway prices really are to die for. Thanks, Jesus! Via The Denver Egotist. UPDATE: A guy […]