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Reggie Watts Has Created Truly Odd Greenpeace Ads Aimed at the Tech Industry

Reggie Watts yodels, raps, hangs with woodland fauna, floats on a giant leaf and generally goofs around in a quartet of new videos from Greenpeace. The environmental group is sending a message to certain tech giants about using sustainable energy sources. "Some of the Internet's biggest and most innovative companies, such as Apple, Facebook and Google, are powering with modern, renewable energy," Greenpeace rep Dave Pomerantz told BusinessGreen. "The #ClickClean movement expects the rest of the companies behind our online world, like Amazon and Twitter, to join them." No firms are named in the ads, which were created by The VIA Agency. "We set out to develop a campaign that had humor at its core and that people would rally behind and share," said Via executive producer Mary Hanifin. "Reggie’s unique brand of comedy, devoted following and ability to convey complex themes through humor made him a perfect fit." The comedian and musician has some experience with the clean-power issue, having contributed to a Climate Reality Project spot last year. For Greenpeace—fresh off its gorgeous ad attacking Lego for partnering with Shell—Watts sustains a tone that gives the material an offbeat, non-judgmental spark. He uses improvisation to amp up the scripts, and his silly, slightly subversive comic energy feels just right. Via Fast Company.

Bud Light Teases Super Bowl Ads With Arnold, Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle

Just a day after we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear in one of Bud Light's Super Bowl ads, Anheuser-Busch InBev has released six teaser clips for the celebrity-stacked spots. The ads appear to be the results of a massive stunt organized by the brand and agency BBDO, which used 412 actors and a lot of hidden cameras to create an unforgettable night for one unsuspecting beer drinker. Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle and innovative musician Reggie Watts all make appearances in the evening's events, as does an as-yet-unnamed female celebrity. Oh, and a llama.  Check out the previews below, and be sure to check Adweek's Super Bowl Ad Tracker for ongoing updates about this year's game-day spots.

Jash Shows YouTube Is Not So Easy—Even for Big Comics [UPDATED]

Early last year, following the fallout from the YouTube-funded channels effort, many pointed to a new wave of celebrities attempting YouTube channels—including Ricky Gervais and Adam

Some Things That Reggie Watts Hates

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Higa Win YouTube Comedy Week—Maybe

Did YouTube's Comedy Week, the company's attempt at a sweeps-like stunt aimed at exciting consumers and advertisers, work? It's hard to say. There weren't any runaway breakouts, at least according to the available data.

Rick Astley Rules YouTube Comedy?

Who's winning YouTube Comedy Week? The professionals or the natives? It's hard to tell so far. But a mix of traditional comedy chops and Rick Astley magic seem to be a winning combination.

Reggie Watts Really Wants You to Stop Paying for Carbon Pollution

You're sitting down, doing your taxes, just trying not to hate the universe, when a pocket-picking smoke monster reaches into your jacket and steals all your cash. This is "The Price of Carbon," the latest clip from the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore's environmental advocacy group. Created with the help of D.C. communications shop Glover Park Group and Brooklyn production company m ss ng p eces, the clip uses charming—if a little arty—visuals to draw a line from oil and coal pollution to climate change to taxpayers' wallets via relief packages for the victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and last year's Midwest drought. The playful, minimalist aesthetic helps a fairly complex argument seem simple. The sing-song narration, delivered by comedian and musician Reggie Watts, also helps. So, you could do what the spot wants you to do and complain about the problem to your friends, or write a letter to Congress, or something. But if you take the crux of the video to heart—Earth is getting really pissed off at humans, the incredibly well-financed energy industry doesn't care, but c'mon, the government should try to make carbon barons pay for the damage anyway—then now might also be an appropriate time to throw on Watts's essential anthem, Fuck Shit Stack. Especially if you really are still doing your taxes.