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Planet Fitness Sticks Up for Pluto in Open Letter to NASA

Planet Fitness is all about making you feel good about yourself, without all the hard-core B.S. of traditional gyms. That attitude is central to the brand's new ad campaign from Red Tettemer + Partners, based around the good old-fashioned pat on the back, or "POTB," a "gesture of respect and encouragement" that embodies the brand promise. The campaign includes a manifesto print ad, an online spot and a Facebook app called the POTB Generator, which lets you dole out pats-on-the-back for just about anything. Now, the agency is taking things into galactic territory with a humorous open letter to NASA, in which it gives Pluto, that onetime planet and current dwarf planet/loser, a much-needed POTB. The whole letter is quite funny, although the Red Tettemer writers get a +1 for getting the phrase "playing dodgeball with Uranus" in there. NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is already on its way to Pluto; it left in 2006 and is expected to reach the distant hunk of ice and rock sometime in the summer of 2015. But Planet Fitness wants NASA to send another rocket, one that won't scientifically observe Pluto so much as emotionally empower it—a POTB "from one planet to another."

Right Guard Moves to RT+P

Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer + Partners was awarded lead North American creative responsibilities for Right Guard deodorants, Adweek has learned.

Planet Fitness Moves Creative to Red Tettemer + Partners

Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer + Partners has won lead creative and media planning duties for everyman gym Planet Fitness, Adweek has learned.

E*Trade and Century 21 Release Their Super Bowl :30s

It's been quite amazing how many finished Super Bowl spots, not just teasers, have been released online before this year's game. This morning we have two more 30-second spots—E*Trade's "Fatherhood" spot from Grey, New York, and Century 21's "Smarter. Bolder. Faster" from Red Tettemer + Partners in Philadelphia.

Faux hooligans demanding their Fox Soccer

Red Tettemer crafted a whole bunch of clips for cable network Fox Soccer Plus starring your prototypical American soccer fans: nerdy Anglophile outcasts angrily worshipping a culture no one here […]

Red Tettemer does year’s wackiest bank ads

Philadelphia ad shop Red Tettemer gets self-consciously goofy for Citadel Bank in a series of spots (five of them posted below) that introduce Lewis, a nerdy spokesman with bad hair […]

NeatDesk tames Abominable Paper Monster

He's got a balled-up takeout menu for a heart, business-card fangs and eyes as black as carbon paper. That could describe lots of folks. Tiger Woods, Ben Bernanke and Brian […]

Red Tettemer makes war on its ‘Frienemies’

You have to like Red Tettemer. Not only is the Philadelphia agency sticking with summer Fridays during these lean times, it's enforcing the tradition with obscenities, threats of violence and […]

Pennsylvania ads are a long-form love story

Red Tettemer pulls out the stops for Pennsylvania Tourism in a high-concept Web series launching today with movie posters splashed around NYC and all manner of social-media tie-ins. The offering's […]

Oh hey, it’s another virtual world for tweens

Tween Brands Inc. and Philadelphia ad agency Red Tettemer have spewed forth yet another tween virtual world, just a few weeks after Disney XD burst onto the scene. This one's […]