Pennsylvania ads are a long-form love story

Red Tettemer pulls out the stops for Pennsylvania Tourism in a high-concept Web series launching today with movie posters splashed around NYC and all manner of social-media tie-ins. The offering's called "Peter Arthur Stories." According to the press materials, it "tells the story of a 20-something young man at the crossroads of adulthood. We follow him follow his heart across Pennsylvania in search of his long-lost, pre-adolescent love, a waitress named Meg who served him the best piece of shoofly pie he ever had." It's a full 26 minutes long, broken into four episodes of six-plus minutes each. (That's the trailer above, and the first episode below.) The series looks charmingly quirky, but it's an investment. It might take less time to enjoy everything worth seeing in Philly! And what happened to the Weavers from last year's tourism pitch? Maybe they ate too much shoofly pie. UPDATE: Coincidentally, Red Tettemer has also unveiled a new tourism campaign for Philly. There are 55 different creative executions, all in the form of short love letters. Here's one addressed to powdered-wig lovers.

—Posted by David Gianatasio