Mondelez Taps QuizUp to Mobilize On-Pack Codes

For years, packaged-goods brands have relied on marketing tactics that ask consumers to cut out the codes found on packages to drive sales. In exchange for mailing in these codes, shoppers typically get coupons or rewards weeks later, but a new program with Mondelez International and mobile app QuizUp aims to speed up the coupon-redemption process by going digital.

Coca-Cola Bolsters QuizUp Content to Include 40 Categories

On Wednesday, Coca-Cola will launch a new section of branded content in the QuizUp gaming app to include more than 18,000 World Cup trivia questions specific to each country competing in the tournament

Coca-Cola Serves World Cup Trivia on QuizUp

Coca-Cola is now sponsoring World Cup trivia on QuizUp, the fast-growing mobile app out of Iceland. The app from Plain Vanilla Games has been testing branded quizzes as its advertising model.

QuizUp Tops 1 Million Downloads on Android, Too

QuizUp has more than one million Android signups since being made available on the mobile operating system on March 6, according to the count on Google’s Pla

What Fast-Growing Trivia App Didn’t Have an Android Version Until Today?

QuizUp, the mobile trivia game, launched on Android today after becoming a fast hit on the iPhone last year. The Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games also launched QuizUp on the iPad last month, and CEO Thor Fridriksson said that he has been bombarded with potential users asking for the Android version.

How Much Do You Know About One of the Fastest-Growing iPhone Apps?

QuizUp is among the fastest-growing apps on the iPhone, and it barely spent a penny on marketing. That’s rare for a game industry that invests to boost app rankings and push installs. But QuizUp has become more than a game. It’s a trivia-driven social network, one in which niche audiences challenge each other on all manner of topics.