Pr Stunts

Construction Machines Play Jenga With 600-Pound Blocks

In this two-minute clip from Ogilvy & Mather in New York, five Caterpillar machines play a giant game of Jenga using 600-pound wooden blocks, as I'm sure they often do at real construction sites all over the world.

Wu-Tang Clan Will Sell Only One, Hand-Crafted Copy of Its New Album

For the past few years, the Wu-Tang Clan has been recording an album in secret. Now, in a first for modern music, they plan to sell only one copy of The Wu—Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

In CollegeHumor’s Panhandling Stunt, the Joke’s on Vitamin Water

Not sure what the endgame for this Vitamin Water subway "prank" was, since it's basically a comedy video onto which the brand rivet-gunned its "Make Boring Brilliant" tagline. Still, two things immediately caught my eye.

Who’s sick and tired of Sunshine Megatron?

T-Shirt Hell, purveyor of crass casual wear, said in January that it was going out of business because its owner didn't want to deal with the "idiots" who send him […]

Axl Rose and Dr Pepper deserve each other

Having written about Dr Pepper's infamous Guns N' Roses promotion before, we should come full circle with the latest about it. As you've surely heard, GNR has filed a lawsuit […]

Dr Pepper admits defeat with GNR stunt

Hey, remember when Dr Pepper jokingly offered everyone in America a free bottle of soda if Guns 'N Roses released Chinese Democracy in 2008? Well, the album is indeed about […]

Agency copywriter risks life for pizza chain

With the media and advertising business more volatile than ever, it's prudent to keep one's career options open. Judging from this commercial, TDA Advertising & Design copywriter Joe Nafziger has […]

Ringo Starr is suddenly playing hard to get

In what can only be interpreted as a savvy (or desperate) publicity stunt to regain a level of global stardom that began to fade the day the Beatles broke up, […]

KFC recipe moved to a new secure location

On Tuesday, reports the Associated Press, Col. Sanders’ handwritten original KFC recipe was moved, under heavy security, from KFC’s corporate offices "for the first time in decades." It "was placed […]