In CollegeHumor’s Panhandling Stunt, the Joke’s on Vitamin Water

Like too much begging, excessive bragging gets boring

Not sure what the endgame for this Vitamin Water subway "prank" was, since it's basically a comedy video onto which the brand rivet-gunned its "Make Boring Brilliant" tagline. Still, two things immediately caught my eye. First, all the regular commuters gritting their teeth when they hear “may I have your attention please,” because homelessness on public transit is something of a medicine show these days. Second, the subway bragger's shtick went on way too long, and his audience figured out what he was doing well before he finished up and left them alone. Hard to call this a prank, really—it's more of a stunt. Plus, maybe a sugar-water brand's energy would be better spent actually helping the homeless than making fun of them.

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