Agency copywriter risks life for pizza chain

With the media and advertising business more volatile than ever, it's prudent to keep one's career options open. Judging from this commercial, TDA Advertising & Design copywriter Joe Nafziger has two backup plans: pizza delivery and dirt-bike stunt jumping. That's Joe himself on the bike, starring as JoJo the Pizza Inn mascot, doing an Evel (or maybe more like a Robbie) Knievel-inspired jump of 50 pizzas in a Denton, Texas, parking lot, to celebrate a recent store opening. Why a motorcycle jump in a bobblehead costume? "Because it just seemed ridiculous," Nafziger says. The man's got a way with words. He really should write some of this stuff down. And given the news-media frenzy over the stunt (well, NBC-5 in Dallas did a brief segment), Joe should at least be able to get a job in PR someday. As for me, well, I've got my post-apocalypse job strategy thoroughly planned. You want fries with that?

—Posted by David Gianatasio