Ringo Starr is suddenly playing hard to get

In what can only be interpreted as a savvy (or desperate) publicity stunt to regain a level of global stardom that began to fade the day the Beatles broke up, Ringo Starr says he won’t answer any more fan mail. Does he still receive any? The video message on his Web site, in which he promises to toss all letters and packages posted after Oct. 20, is getting lots of media play—there are currently 2,243 Ringo mentions on Google News, which is probably 2,243 more than 24 hours ago. Wasn’t his penchant for scrupulously replying to his fans a plot on The Simpsons way back when? Anyway, this finally opens up an opportunity for Pete Best, the original drummer Ringo replaced in the band. Pete, say you’ll take in Ringo’s unwanted mail and post an address pronto! (Might as well request Keith Moon’s and John Bonham’s mail, too, while your at it—then you’ll seem all "edgy.")

—Posted by David Gianatasio