Fenton the Dog’s Viral Video Remade in Grand Fashion for New Ad

A year ago today, a 13-year-old boy uploaded a hilarious video of his cursing father chasing their dog Fenton—who himself was chasing a pack of deer—through London's Richmond Park. The man's incessant screams of "Jesus Christ!" became a meme, and the audio was soon grafted on to all sorts of other videos.

Ad of the Day: Diesel Sunglasses

After a while, all ads for designer sunglasses start to look the same. There's only so much you can do with a seductive waif or grease-covered Adonis looking disaffectedly at the camera in a pair of oversized shades.

Orange Gets Movie Voiceover Guy to Read Your Summer Tweets

British telecom Orange and Poke London are continuing with the Twitter stunts, this time offering people the chance to tweet about their summer plans and have it read by a professional voiceover artist (aka some dude named Mitch).

Latest real-time ad gambit: Twitter drawings

Wieden + Kennedy's response videos with the Old Spice guy have inspired a cottage industry of real-time ad efforts. Poke London is a fan of this craze, especially when it […]

Orange turning around singing tweetagrams

Right on schedule, advertisers are drawing up campaigns straight out of the Old Spice social-media playbook. U.K. telecom Orange is putting its own real-time twist on the Old Spice guy's […]

Snickers finds a rival Web site unappetizing

Snickers has a fun new campaign out, "Snacklish," which our sister site BrandFreak wrote about earlier today. Trouble is, the microsite extension at Snickers.com is rather dull. That's too bad. […]

Poke asks for videos from would-be interns

Résumés are so passé. Poke New York is ditching the old cover letter, résumé and book routine in its search for interns. Instead, it will choose from videos that candidates […]