Orange turning around singing tweetagrams

Right on schedule, advertisers are drawing up campaigns straight out of the Old Spice social-media playbook. U.K. telecom Orange is putting its own real-time twist on the Old Spice guy's fan-response gambit with an a cappella trio, the Rockabellas, who are on call to deliver "singing tweetagrams" for you. It works like this: You write the tweetagram message to someone, adding the hashtag #singingtweetagrams. Orange picks the best ones and has the Rockabellas record the message in song "within a few hours." Orange then uploads the song and tweets you with a link, so you can send it on to the person. The question will be whether they can keep up the pace set by Wieden + Kennedy in its Old Spice effort, which produced more than 180 videos in a couple days and pumped out responses nearly immediately. Poke London, which also did the very cool Glastotag effort for Orange, is behind the campaign.