Latest real-time ad gambit: Twitter drawings

Wieden + Kennedy's response videos with the Old Spice guy have inspired a cottage industry of real-time ad efforts. Poke London is a fan of this craze, especially when it comes to Twitter. The shop already did singing "tweetagrams" for Orange London. Now, also on behalf of Orange, it's offering "Secret Portraits" to tweeters. The idea is, you include the #secretportraits tag on Twitter posts describing what you're doing—e.g., "Eating a burrito in my bathrobe"—and if it tickles Poke's fancy, it will have a student illustrator draw up the scene for you. Poke has ginned up 22 portraits since kicking off the program a week ago. What this has to do with Orange is beyond me, but it's a safe bet this will become a staple of conference presentations.

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