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Nielsen’s New Consumer App Is Really a Market Research Tool [Updated]

Nielsen's new "topten" app seems harmless enough: offer consumers a quick and easy way to find out the most popular TV shows, books, songs, video games, movies and more. You know, the kind of rankings found in publications like Entertainment Weekly or the local newspaper.

Can Reclaim Your Name Resonate Like Do Not Track?

What's in a slogan? To the Federal Trade Commission, which is trying to goad an industry into adopting voluntary guidelines on data privacy issues, a catchy phrase might offer a lot of value.

Survey: Privacy a Top Concern for Mobile App Users

Privacy is a top concern for mobile app users, according to a telephone survey conducted by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project. More than half of app users—57 percent—have either uninstalled an app over concerns about sharing personal information or decided not to install an app for privacy reasons, the survey found.