Unilever Looks to Marry In-Store Sampling With E-commerce

Unilever is trying to take the idea of free product sampling normally seen in store aisles and apply it to ecommerce.

Google Takes $7B Hit In Motorola Sale

Google’s Motorola adventure came to an abrupt end today, as the search giant unloaded the smartphone maker for a more than $7 billion loss. It’s the best money Google ever lost according to Wall Street, which never liked the acquisition.

Ad of the Day: Google

"The playground is open," says Google, and the Nexus 7 is just the toy for kids who want to spend the day outside, presumably sitting by the spiderweb-encrusted jungle gyms and monkey bars, staring unblinkingly at their hi-res, 1280-by-800-pixel, Corning-glass screens.

Chipotle’s Famous Willie Nelson Spot Getting a Run on TV

It's fitting that Chipotle's stirring two-minute "Back to the Start" film—released last summer on the Internet and in theaters, supporting sustainable farming practices—will make its national TV debut during this Sunday's Grammy A