Mike Tyson

You Can Now Buy the Bug on Adult Swim

One of the things Adult Swim will be selling its advertisers in 2014 is the little company logo in the corner of the screen, which (until now) has simply read "[adult swim]," Variety reports.

Ad of the Day: Tyson Returns Holyfield’s Ear in Foot Locker Spot That Rights Many Wrongs

It's been more than 16 years since Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during a heavyweight championship fight. Now, in a Foot Locker ad from BBDO, New York, Tyson is giving it back.

Mike Tyson Stars in ‘Black Power’ Ads for Energy Drink

Hey, scrawny teenage fops. Back-alley vending machine eat your coins? If only a white-clad Mike Tyson were there to free your trapped energy drink with a gentle rap of his knuckle, then leave you one of his many white-clad lady friends. So goes the strange fantasy in a recent spot from Grey Warsaw for Black, a Polish energy drink. Tyson closes the spot with his line, "Now that's how Black works," followed by the tagline: "Black power." While it's not a racist ad per se, it's certainly awash in awkward undertones. (Not to mention the fact Tyson hands out one of his groupies like he's spotting the guy a $5 bill.) In a second clip, which you can see after the jump, Tyson sings about how Black is even crazier than he is, before flicking a piano across the room and screaming like a madman. According to the Warsaw Business Journal, he has a three-year deal with the brand, which likely means we can expect more weirdness like this. (Via Ads of the World)

Megan Fox and Mike Tyson Cloned for Crazy Brazilian Ad

Cloning either Megan Fox or Mike Tyson is surely a crime against science and/or humanity, but that's the premise of this silly yet amusing spot for a language school in Brazil. Two doofus dudes wash ashore on a dreamy paradise populated by multiple Megans.

Mike Tyson Back as Herman Cain in Second Classic Parody

All right-minded Americans can surely agree that ex-heavyweight boxing champion and convicted felon Mike Tyson and former Godfather's Pizza CEO and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain are both crazier than shithouse rats. Their shared insanity and a laugh-out-loud script fueled Iron Mike's awesome debut last week as Cain.

Mike Tyson Gets Even Kinder, Gentler on Billboard

Mike Tyson's ascent into profundity continues with an appearance on a Last Chance for Animals billboard in West Hollywood. The image is of the former heavyweight champion, now a vegan, kissing a dove. I am not even kidding. Tyson blames processed food (and drugs) for the wild behavior that formed his reputation and has embraced veganism in middle age. (Also, he digs pigeons now.) He also sounds very grateful for the partnership with LCFA, noting, "It's been a while since an organization has wanted me for anything." Trying to reconcile those words and that image with someone who could kill me barehanded is going to take some time. Print version after the jump.