Mike Tyson Back as Herman Cain in Second Classic Parody

'Imagine there's no pizza'

All right-minded Americans can surely agree that ex-heavyweight boxing champion and convicted felon Mike Tyson and former Godfather's Pizza CEO and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain are both crazier than shithouse rats. Their shared insanity and a laugh-out-loud script fueled Iron Mike's awesome debut last week as Cain. The fact that the latter is fending off allegations of sexual harassment while Tyson did time in the '90s on a rape conviction gives the satire extra bite. (Funny or Die claims Tyson was cast before Cain's problems surfaced. How lucky was that? For Cain, not very.) The "shithouse rat" line—Tyson/Cain's explanation for his surge in the polls—is just one choice soundbite. His promise to take a tough stance on immigration by changing "Taco Tuesday" to "Pizza Pthursday" also scores, as does his pledge to "wear a flag pin the size of a fat baby's head" and offer to "show off the cool handshake me and Jesus have been working on for when he comes back to Earth." The finale, with Tyson's scary/crazy smiley face in closeup and the name "CAIN!" reverberating manically on the soundtrack, defines description. As brilliant as this instant classic is, Tyson tops it, like spicy pepperoni on an extra-cheesy pie, in his second Cain outing, also posted below. John Lennon's "Imagine" gets reworked with lyrics like "Can you imagine eating pizza … with everybody across the world?" Tyson's off-key delivery is both hilarious and disturbing, as the whole production devolves into a kind of delicious lunacy that demands repeat viewings. Next, can they get Gerry Cooney to play one of the other candidates? Imagine: "Vote for me, Rick … um … uh … um … uhhhhhhhh…"