Why Seeking Untapped ‘White Space’ Is a Dangerous Trap for Marketers

Even if you've only been working in advertising for a week, you've probably heard, or maybe even said, "What we need to do is find the white space."

This Agency Created a Fake ’90s Boy Band to Protest North Carolina’s Bathroom Law

In April, North Carolina agency McKinney registered its disapproval of House Bill 2, the law requiring all residents to use public restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate, by showing the world where it belongs—on a very large role o

How This Man Duped a String of Ad Agencies and Almost Got Away With It

The advertising model was broken, and Bill Grizack knew how to fix it.

CarMax Campaign Goes for Earnest Humor With New Spokesman Andy Daly

If you've seen Comedy Central's Review then you know comedian Andy Daly's wonderfully dry, earnest delivery and that's exactly what he's employing in a new campaign for CarMax.

Ad Strategist Sentenced to 5-7 Years in Prison for Faking $269 Million in Client Contracts

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.—"There are certain politicians in this country who could probably take notes from this man. ... I've never seen anything quite like this."

YouTube Videos Celebrating North Carolina Are Blank in Clever Protest of Anti-LGBT Law

North Carolina's House Bill 2, which requires the state's residents to use public restrooms associated with their birth gender, is seeing plenty of backlash from the corporate and creative worlds, alike.

McKinney Printed N.C.’s Bathroom Bill on Toilet Paper. You Know What to Do With It

"It makes great cocktail napkins, bookmarks, facial tissues. But you know what's best to do with it!" Yes, Durham, N.C., agency McKinney knows where its home state's controversial House Bill 2 belongs—in the toilet. The Charlotte City Council passed a nondiscrimination ordinance in February that included a rule allowing transgender people to use public restrooms assigned to the gender with which they identify. Furious opposition groups supported by Gov. Pat McCrory then ran ads arguing that the ordinance would make it easier for male sexual predators to get closer to victims by posing as women.  The state legislature later called a special session to pass "HB2," which requires all North Carolina residents to use the public restrooms associated with their birth gender. The move has enraged civil liberties groups nationwide, and North Carolina has been the focus of plenty of backlash over HB2.  McKinney proposes a solution to the HB2 problem: Flush it. And they mean this quite literally, as you'll see in the video below.

Celebrate Earth Day With Earth Porn, Featuring the Sexiest Stock Nature Footage Ever

It's time to love Mother Earth a little harder. Stock film company Framepool, with help from ad agency McKinney, has produced the sexiest of natural landscape videos for Earth Day today—featuring hard rocks, soaking wet water, lots of wood, and a '70s porn soundtrack by Beacon Street.

Nationwide Drops McKinney as Its Agency of Record After a 7-Year Relationship

Insurance giant Nationwide has parted ways with its creative agency of record, McKinney, after nearly seven years.

Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome Settles Down at a New Agency

Less than three months after Travelocity announced plans to part ways with the agency that created its now iconic Roaming Gnome, the online travel service named Campbell Ewald as its new agency of record after a competitive review.