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Why Amazon’s Deal With Twitch Makes Sense

While it may have come out of left field, analysts believe that the Amazon-Twitch acquisition deal—worth a princely sum of $970 million—sounds like a perfect match.

Amazon Denies Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming

UPDATE: E-tailer giant Amazon is contradicting reports that it's set to launch an ad-supported streaming service using its original content (which recently entered a second crowdsourced "season" of new shows) and music videos, among other programming. “We have a video advertising business that currently offers programs like First Episode Free and ads associated with

One-Third of Americans Now Own Tablets

Tablet computers are no longer a niche market. More than one third of Americans own tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Kindle Fire, according to new Pew Internet research.

Amazon Preps Kindle TV Set-Top Box

After expanding into hardware creation with the Kindle, the Kindle Fire tablet and a rumored smart phone, Amazon is developing a proprietary TV set-top box. 

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 7-14

Publishers’ Online Headache

With mobile devices, magazines have more ways than ever to distribute their content—and more ways of getting ripped off.Like the music and movie businesses before them, magazines are getting their own taste of piracy with the spread of tablets and handheld mobile devices. It’s easy for thieves to digitally swipe magazine issues and post to BitTorrent sites.

Will the Kindle Fire Be an iPad Killer?

When Amazon released the Kindle Fire last November, it was heralded as the first tablet with a shot at loosening Apple’s stronghold on the market. But with Apple still dominating the tablet game—according to eMarketer, 83 percent of tablet owners have an iPad—does the Fire really have a chance? And what does that mean for publishers?

MPA Conference Shows Tablets Dominating, Publishers Adapting

There’s no doubt about it: tablets are taking over. Eleven percent of the total U.S. population used iPads and various other tablet devices last year. By 2014, that percentage is estimated to rise to 27.7 percent—more than one quarter of the total population, or about 89.5 million people.

Hearst to Link Digital Editions With Amazon

Is it a magazine—or catalog?Magazines have been increasingly blurring the line between editorial and commerce, lending their names to products and shopping sites. Now, computer tablets and e-readers are making it more tempting to bridge that gap.