Breitbart Launches Campaign Against Kellogg’s After Company Said It Would Pull Advertising

Following Kellogg's announcement on Tuesday that it would be pulling ads from Breitbart, the "alt-right" news organization created a campaign encouraging its readers to boycott the company. 

How America’s Top 2 Breakfast Cereal Makers Are Responding to Soggy Sales

Oh, for the good old days of breakfast cereal.

Growing Up the Son of a ‘Mad Man’ in Advertising’s Golden Era

There are many memories of the so-called "golden era" of advertising that are conjured up expertly by Matthew Weiner's Mad Men on

Why Don’t Americans Like Breakfast Cereal Anymore?

The news out of Battle Creek, Mich., a couple weeks back raised eyebrows as far as Wall Street: Kellogg’s, denizen of the family breakfast table, suffered an earnings loss of 15 percent.

March Madness Twitter Ads Tip Off After Buzzer-Beater

Earlier this afternoon, Seton Hall guard Sterling Gibbs hit a last-second shot to help his college basketball team upset Villanova, and marketers for New York Life and NBC immediately purchased Promoted Tweets around related hashtags appeari

Adidas Makes Gains Among Black Consumers, L’Oréal Lags

Adidas, E*Trade, Geico and Land Rover are a few of the brands that have made the biggest gains in terms of positive awareness among black teenagers and adults during the last year, per NewMediaMetrics (NMM).