Joe Namath

Strong Sampling for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut

While the overnights for Jimmy Fallon’s first night at the helm of The Tonight Show were promising, it would be premature to crown the antic talk show host the King of Late Night.

NFL Linebackers Love Campbell’s, but Where Have All the Real Men Gone?

To get across the idea that soup is a hearty, wholesome, stick-to-your-ribs sort of food, you couldn’t do much better than hire a pro football player.

The Wackiest Sports Endorsements Ever

Marketers have long banked on the star power of pro athletes to sell stuff. Here, some of the weirdest jock-brand mashups of all time.

Poll: Who Is the Best Super Bowl-Winning QB Brand Endorser Ever?

According to marketing firm Steiner Sports, there are seven Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks that—out of the few dozen in history—stand out as brand endorsers. Check out the list below, including each of the QB's credentials, and vote for the jock whom you think has made the best salesman.

Perspective: Sit Back and Relax

Long before the coinage of the term man cave—that realm in every house where dad reigns sovereign—the male dominion over the American home was manifest in a single piece of furniture: the La-Z-Boy recliner.

Never Too Many Players on the Field

By the time the offer for the pantyhose commercial came in, gridiron god Joe Namath was already well into an agonizing decline. Knees jellied by repeated trauma, left hamstring rolled up like a busted window shade, the iconic quarterback of the New York Jets played in just six games in 1973, a season in which he would throw for 966 total yards and a meager five touchdown passes.