Poll: Who Is the Best Super Bowl-Winning QB Brand Endorser Ever?

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According to marketing firm Steiner Sports, there are seven Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks that—out of the few dozen in history—stand out as brand endorsers. Check out the list below, including each of the QB's credentials, and vote for the jock whom you think has made the best salesman.

Steiner Sports provided the lion's share of research for the topic, though Adweek contributed some tidbits in the following case-by-case descriptions.

Terry Bradshaw is the four-time Super Bowl winner for the Pittsburgh Steelers who has parlayed his playing days into a memorable broadcasting career. His brand sponsorships from both roles include Everready (player), Lectric Shave (player), IMG Worldwide (broadcaster) and Nutrisystem (broadcaster).

Joe "Willie" Namath won an epic Super Bowl III (upsetting the heavily favored Baltimore Colts) for the New York Jets. This dude effectively took the American Sports Hero created by Babe Ruth and updated the idea with layers of 1960s and '70s chic. His list of brands is fairly impressive: Brut; Noxema; La-Z-Boy; Dingo shoes; Hamilton Beach popcorn poppers; Hanes Beautymist pantyhose; Budweiser; and Nobody Beats the Wiz.

Peyton Manning is 37 years old and probably only getting started as a brands guy. After all, he just had a record-setting season and is readying to attempt to win his second Super Bowl next weekend for the Denver Broncos. He's repped for Papa John's, Buick, Gatorade and DirecTV. And if he triumphs on Feb. 2, maybe he'll endorse going to Omaha instead of Disney World in post-game interviews. (That's not actually likely.)

Tom Brady is also entering the latter part of his playing career but already has three big-game rings in his back pocket. His sponsorship deals have included Under Armour, Visa, Movado watches, Stetson and UGG shoes. As long as Brady keeps on being Brady (i.e. winning) with supermodel Gisele Bundchen at his side, spokesperson opps will continue to present themselves to the New England Patriots legend.

Aaron Rodgers has made his mark as a spokesperson with his "discount double-check" spots for State Farm Insurance. But the easy-going 30-year-old Green Bay QB—who has one Super Bowl title with plenty of gas left in the tank—could be a TV commercial mainstay for the next decade or two, while building on his brand roster of Nike, Pizza Hut, IndependenceFirst and Operation Dream. (The latter pair are nonprofits, so the endorsements are likely pro bono).

Steve Young, who had the uneviable task of following up Joe Montana's four Super Bowl wins for the Niners, impressively went on to get three rings of his own. While Montana has been relatively quiet since retiring from the game, to loosely quote Hollywood great Robert Evans, Young stayed in the picture as an ESPN broadcaster. His rewards have been deals with Power Bar (player), Advil (player), Gatorade (player), Visa (player), Van Huesen (broadcaster), Tyco (broadcaster), Toyota (broadcaster) and Burger King (broadcaster).

Brett Favre won Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 with the Green Bay Packers and has endorsed a bevy of brands, most notably Wrangler, while also pitching MasterCard, Prilosec and Nike.

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