The Wackiest Sports Endorsements Ever

Weird jock-brand mashups

Marketers have long banked on the star power of pro athletes to sell stuff. Here, some of the weirdest jock-brand mashups of all time.

Muhammad Ali for d-Con

In 1980, “The Greatest” faced a whole different kind of foe: cockroaches.

Jimmy Johnson for Extenze

The former Dallas Cowboys coach famously hawked this “natural male enlarger.” Um, Jimmy, TMI?

Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon for Taco Bell

In 1995, all it took was a double-decker taco to bring these rivals together.

Pete Rose for Kool-Aid

Before he was banned from the game, the baseball legend starred in a truly trippy TV ad for the multicolor kids’ concoction.

Charles Barkley for Weight Watchers

Sir Charles once tried to attract dudes to the diet plan by dressing up in drag. Good call.

Tom Brady for Uggs

His relationship with a brand best known for its plush ladies booties made the gridiron god a laughingstock.

Joe DiMaggio for Mr. Coffee

Oh, “joe.” We get it.

Joe Namath for Beautymist Pantyhose

Duh. Hands down, the oddest (and most famous) ad to ever feature a sports star.

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