How Brands Like Squatty Potty Are Making the Infomercial Fun Again

There's a common thread that runs through Ron Popeil, Billy Mays, a motor-mouthed gal with a mortifying case of adult acne and a handsome prince whose sidekick is a pooping unicorn.

Adult Swim’s Warped Viral Sitcom Parody References a Stunning 30+ Shows and Movies

Adult Swim lifer and writer/director Casper Kelly has really outdone himself with this one: Too Many Cooks, an 11-minute credits sequence for the show Infomercials, runs the gamut from sitcom to space opera to Twin Peaks-style surreal thriller and back again.

Waterproofing Spray’s Ad Is So Intentionally Cheesy, People Think It’s Fake

We see tons of ad parodies that look convincing enough to be real, so Liquipel decided to take the opposite approach with a real ad made so over-the-top it almost feels like a parody.Just to make sure you know the zany theatrics of Liquipel's infomercial are tongue-in-cheek, the ad even includes the on-screen notice, "Yes! This is a real product!" 

Paula Broadwell Stars in This Infomercial for a Crazy Futuristic Weapon

You can add another title to the growing list of Paula Broadwell's roles—that of infomercial star.

FTC Says ‘Your Baby Can Read’ Ads Are Fiction

Ads promoting Your Baby Can Read were nothing but fiction, says the Federal Trade Commission, citing a lack of scientific evidence backing up claims that children as young as nine months could be taught to read. The FTC today filed false and deceptive advertising charges against the program.

It’s Stompeez vs. Silly Slippeez in the Stompable-Slipper Wars

Catchy jingles, rainbow swirls, sparkle transitions—Stompeez has all the hallmarks of a successful toy commercial. And with genius lyrics like "We love 'em!

10 Worst ‘As Seen on TV’ Products for Your Car

"As Seen on TV" products for cars are as ubiquitous as they are bogus, so it's impressive that Jalopnik could narrow down a list of the 10 worst ones. The most interesting entry here is the Tiddy Bear, mostly because anyone wearing it looks like they're being motorboated by Teddy Ruxpin. Soundracer and Whistle Tips are also worth mentioning because they're grownup versions of putting a baseball card in your bike spokes. The rest is such obvious hucksterism that I'm amazed there's even an audience for it. And now that I've said that, someone on late-night TV will discover that snake oil improves fuel efficiency.

Mr. T Pitches Old Navy Tees in Fun Infomercial Parody With Anna Faris

I pity the fool who thinks Mr. T will ever go out of style—or that I would refrain from opening this story with the catchphrase of the aging '80s icon. Teaming the mohawked marvel with Anna Faris yields gold for Old Navy and agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Hot Booties: Microwaveable Slippers to Wear With Your Snuggie!

Much, much more than just slippers, Hot Booties™ are the perfect accessory for your Snuggie and yet another indicator of America's lazy descent from economic powerhouse to nation of hoarding, comfort-seeking shut-ins.

Infomercial Pariah Vince Offer Returns With Brand-New Spot

We hadn't heard much from former infomercial wunderkind Vince Offer since early 2009, when he was arrested for allegedly punching a prostitute—and getting punched himself, judging by the sad photos that made the rounds. He did a Slap Chop parody for Eminem in 2010.