Waterproofing Spray’s Ad Is So Intentionally Cheesy, People Think It’s Fake

Liquipel and Steve Aoki border on self-parody

We see tons of ad parodies that look convincing enough to be real, so Liquipel decided to take the opposite approach with a real ad made so over-the-top it almost feels like a parody.

Just to make sure you know the zany theatrics of Liquipel's infomercial are tongue-in-cheek, the ad even includes the on-screen notice, "Yes! This is a real product!" 

If nothing else, the lengthy ad definitely leaves you with a keen understanding of the product's benefits, namely waterproofing (and cakeproofing) your mobile devices. 

The YouTube comments largely seem like a ping-pong match between people saying it can't be real and others assuring them, yes, it's real. Oh, and of course there are those calling charismatic DJ Steve Aoki (whose YouTube channel it's posted on) a sellout, along with some wanting to know who the blonde is. (She's Brooke Hutton.)

So will this prove to be a memorable bit of creative camp that brought widespread attention to a little-known product, or is it just a good-yet-confusing idea that overstays its welcome?

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