Hunger Games

Hunger Games Campaign Brings Rebel Salute to Billboards Worldwide

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the next installment in the blockbuster movie series, will hit theaters in the fall, and by then, we'll all be revolutionaries.

How Brands and YouTube Stars Are Hooking Up to Reach Millions of Millennials

It wasn't that long ago that marketers thought they were hip to YouTube by posting their TV commercials to the site and eking out a few extra eyeballs. But with […]

Watson Design Group Turns Films Into Rich Interactive Online Experiences

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Alibaba Is in Talks With U.S. Movie Studios to Stream in China

Alibaba founder Jack Ma, fresh off his company's record-breaking $22 billion public stock offering, is shopping for U.S. movies to stream online in China.

YouTube Stars Plunge Into The Hunger Games’ Fictional Universe to Market Latest Film

Google and Lionsgate have teamed up for an innovative marketing campaign to promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.

Kneel Before Panem and Its Fantastic Propaganda for the Next Hunger Games

The Panem propaganda machine is officially cranking up for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Seven beautiful posters, each honoring a different district from the movie, and an ominous announcement from President Snow have been released to kick off the movie's marketing blitz.(Lots of spoilers below if you haven't read or seen Catching Fire.) In the Capitol TV announcement, a brainwashed Peeta, held prisoner and tortured in the Capitol, stands next to the President and looks off into the distance as Snow issues a warning to all rebels.It's a nice, simple spot designed as delightful fan service without giving too much away. But the posters are the real treasure here. Mad props to whoever art directed them with such an eye for detail and the writer who developed a backstory for each "District Hero." (The bios are actually Yahoo-sponsored content, in case you're keeping tabs on this whole native advertising trend.) It's no coincidence that the most soul-rending execution is the tiny, coal-faced ragamuffin for District 12, where Katniss was from before the Capitol burned it to the ground.Speaking of that, it's been a barren year for fans of fictional advertising. Fewer movies and TV shows are expanding their worlds with imaginary campaigns that give a wink to loyal fans. Luckily, it looks like Mockingjay is gearing up for even more fictional broadcasts from Panem over at (a brilliant use of the .pn domain used by Pitcairn Islands, ironically settled by mutineers).The campaign also has a hashtag, #OnePanem, should you desire to send them some rebellious tweets that, in a real-world dictatorship, would get you thrown in jail.  

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Judi Dench in Adweek’s Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

As Hunger Games: Catching Fire lights up the box office this weekend, recall 2007's The Golden Compass.