Santa Is a Hipster, and a Pretty Funny One, in This Agency’s Holiday Video

Is Santa Claus a hipster? He's got the unkempt mane and alternative lifestyle down pat. Yet he seems too obsessed with consumer goods and fourth-quarter commerce to qualify.It feels like hipster humor played out years ago. Still, there's much to enjoy in "Hipster Santa Goes South," an affable two-minute spoof from Door Number 3 that celebrates the holidays and the independent Austin, Texas, agency's 20th anniversary—which happens to be today, Dec. 9.

This Hipster Business Name Generator Is About to Become Your New Obsession

Forget all those sites that randomly generate band names, stripper names and hobbit names. This one could make you rich, my friends. Brooklyn rich!The Hipster Business Name Generator creates a random combination of quirky nouns and drops them under a stylized X, with the requisite stylish dingbats and initials. The resulting names—such as Fox & Otter, Spyglass & Bean, Whiskey & Cake—are good for a laugh, especially when paired with icons of tiny rabbits, knives and muffins.The site, which was quickly generating pass around among creative types today, seems to be a marketing effort for domain registration site NameCheap.com, where you can conveniently click off the generator to book a site for your lovely new business venture. Or maybe the creators simply picked a booking site at random, though that seems rather unlikely. Try it for yourself and let us know your most fruitful combinations. A few of our favorites below.

How Carhartt Found Its Groove With Fixers and Hipsters

Tony Ambroza and the Maker Movement arrived at the Dearborn, Mich., offices of Carhartt about the same time four years ago.

Overgrown Beards Are Like Wild Animals Clinging to Your Face, Schick Ads Say

Y&R New Zealand turns manly beards into cute animals for Schick's "Free Your Skin" campaign, which takes a bold anti-beard stance in this golden age of hirsute ruggedness. Of course, sneering observers are all calling the Schick models hipsters, so maybe the ads also tap into a sort of cultural exhaustion with all things bearded, buttoned-down and knit-capped. Seriously, I think Tony Montana said the F-word fewer times than I've read the word "hipster" doing research for this post. Y&R did a brief interview with Metro about the campaign, claiming that the bearded creatives in the agency's employ "all confessed that their beards aren't actually that pleasant to live with." Lies and slander! They also claim that "women actually find beards kinda gross," which science would argue is only half-true.Via Design Taxi.

PBR, American Spirit Cigarettes Used as Bait in ‘Hipster Traps’ Around NYC

Residents of the giant hipster trap that is New York City are setting miniature hipster traps—baited with Pabst Blue Ribbon, dorky sunglasses, bike chains and American Spirit cigarettes—as a public art project around Brooklyn.

Ask Your Doctor About Unpretentiousilâ„¢, a Cure for the Common Hipster

Hipster bashing seems so 2008. And yet, done well, it still elicits some latte-soaked, vegan chuckles. Here's a fun faux-mercial that peddles a fake drug called Unpretentiousil, a supposed cure for "HIPSTER," defined as Hyper Involuntary Panic Stress Tension Elevation Response disorder.

Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters

This Tumblr of brand logos redesigned for hipsters reminds me that I have no idea what a hipster is anymore. Most people just use it as a descriptor for a person or thing they dislike. Which is fine, but the objective definition of the word is getting murkier and murkier. These logos are a good example of that.