Ask Your Doctor About Unpretentiousil™, a Cure for the Common Hipster

Relief from an insidious disorder

Hipster bashing seems so 2008. And yet, done well, it still elicits some latte-soaked, vegan chuckles. Here's a fun faux-mercial that peddles a fake drug called Unpretentiousil, a supposed cure for "HIPSTER," defined as Hyper Involuntary Panic Stress Tension Elevation Response disorder. The medication is guaranteed to cure "apathy, lack of hygiene, frequent trips to the Apple Store and talking about your bike," among other hipsterish afflictions, though we're assured by "fine print" during an animated science segment about neuroreceptors that this is "not actual science." Ohio's Crossroads Church is the video's creator. The offbeat publicity ploy has generated lots of media attention (and more than 800,000 YouTube views in just a few days), but the tactic seems odd given the judge-not credo of a certain bearded, sandal-wearing, nonconformist hipster from Galilee.