Google Analytics

Google Expands Its Brand Plans With Real-Time Results

Google is expanding its Brand Lift program that measures how online campaigns influence consumers, and it is sharing results in real time to help advertisers adjust on the fly, Google’s display vp, Neal Mohan, told Adweek. Brand surveys are now offered on nearly all video and display ad campaigns through Google, he said.

Google Analytics Adds Conversion Funnel Benchmarking Tool

With marketers all but required to play in multiple digital channels these days, ranging from online display to search to email, they are increasingly likely to have a hard time figuring out which channels to invest in at what point in a consumer’s path to conversion.

There Is a Good Chance You Are Being Tracked While You Shop

Euclid, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up that tracks consumer shopping habits in stores via their WiFi enabled smart phones has run smack dab into the ongoing privacy debate in Washington about whether consumers should have to opt-out of being tra

Brick-and-Mortar Analytics Firm Raises $17.3 Million Funding Round

Euclid Analytics has parlayed its rep as “Google Analytics for the real world” into a $17.3 million funding round.

Google Imagines a Real World That’s as Irritating as the Internet

Google Analytics has put together a series of videos demonstrating what poor Web design can do to an online commerce site—crap we'd never put up with in a brick-and-mortar store. There's unintuitive search and site design that prevents you from finding the item you're looking for—in this case, it's a grocery store that makes it impossible to find an everyday item as simple as milk. There's the obnoxious online checkout, where you're forced to log in, agree to terms and prove you're a real person before you get timed out, forcing you to start all over again. Then there's a misplaced dig at Amazon's highly successful, often copied suggestion of other items you might like. Produced by Google's in-house video agency Across the Pond, all the spots have the absurdity of a Monty Python skit. It seems weird for Google to be dissing online search and e-commerce, but here it serves the greater goal of telling people to learn more about their customers via Analytics. And in this case, it's funny 'cause it's true.

Tumblr Posts Analytics Platform With Union Metrics

Tumblr may be beloved by creative agencies, but good luck giving clients evidence how all those cat GIFs translate into raising brand awareness. Until now. On Thursday Tumblr named Union Metrics as its preferred third-party analytics tool, making it the first social analytics firm to receive the microblogging site’s blessing to track and analyze content across the platform.

Google Takes Analytics Mobile With App Reports, Android App

Google is bringing its analytics chops to mobile apps.

Top 10 Predictions for the Looming Facebook IPO

The Facebook IPO. Few would argue against the social media giant’s initial public offering being one of the most anticipated and watched debuts of recent history.

Yahoo Readies Small Biz Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is arguably the Google of free site analytics dashboards, but that hasn’t stopped other companies from developing their own tools, including Yahoo, which today unveiled the Yahoo Marketing Dashboard for small businesses.

Acxiom Borrows From Google

Phil Mui wants to start a revolution. Occupy Insights, it could be called. In this case, the 99 percent are the marketing decision-makers lacking data-crunching chops, and the 1 percent are the 25-year-old analysts those decision-makers employ.