Golin Harris

After All That, the Hamburglar’s First Video Is One Big Joke About His Nagging Wife

Are we sure we want the Hamburglar back? The cartoon character, who was reincarnated after a 13-year hiatus as a real live human man—whom the Internet simultaneously reviled and love—took over McDonald's Twitter account today. And with the teaser ads out of the way, the character used the platform to ... well, sorry, he keeps getting interrupted again and again by his wife's phone calls.

Max Greenfield Helps the Hipster Hamburglar Push McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers

The Hamburglar got the Internet's attention last week—the jury is still out on whether he's hot or creepy—but he won't be pitching the Sirloin Burger on TV, at least not this month. That job has been taken by New Girl's Max Greenfield, whose cute—dare we say, adorkable—ads debuted Monday. 

McDonald’s Narrative Runs Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

McDonald's has been a leader in terms of major brands testing social media in the last few years. Therefore, it was initially surprising to learn that its fun-oriented Who's Got The Mighty Wings?