Mockumentary Vines Are a Huge Hit With YouTube Viewers

If you've seen five Vines, you've probably seen them all.

Godzilla Is ‘Craving Italian’ in Fiat’s Movie Tie-In Ad

As if Italian auto brand Fiat hasn't had enough challenges in its recent U.S. reboot, the car becomes a snack for none other than Godzilla in this goofy but likable tie-in with the upcoming movie.

Does Every Summer Blockbuster Trailer Plug the Exact Same Movie? [Video]

If it sometimes seems as though summer blockbuster trailers use the same tricks to advertise what seem to be the exact same movie over and over again, that's because they do.

Godzilla Is One Hard-Partying Bro, Until He Runs Out of Snickers

If only someone would get Godzilla a Snickers, so much urban destruction could be averted. A new spot for the candy bar brand applies its "You're not you when you're hungry" tagline to the famous Japanese monster, who will return to U.S. theaters this May. When he's not wreaking havoc on entire cities, Godzilla is in fact a monster ladies' man, Ping-Pong player and water skier—a consummate bro. BBDO's execution of the ad is more or less genius, complete with cheesy theme music and zippy montage. Godzilla himself is styled as an oversize action figure, more like Bobcat Goldthwait's tiny-town-wrecking incarnation in One Crazy Summer than Hollywood's city-stomping terror lizard. I suppose we should be glad the "real" Godzilla isn't such a good guy with a sweet tooth for nougat. If he were really that easy to calm down, it wouldn't make for much of a movie. Credits below.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con

There's expensive marketing, creative marketing, and then there's Comic-Con, where brands shoot the works on pricey stunts from free food to set recreations to lavish parties.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con

Nearly Everything Is Branded at Comic-Con

Attendees may show up at San Diego Comic-Con as superheroes, but they turn into advertisements as soon as they walk through the fan-stuffed door and onto the floor of the convention center.