Godzilla Is ‘Craving Italian’ in Fiat’s Movie Tie-In Ad

Monster bites off more than he can chew

As if Italian auto brand Fiat hasn't had enough challenges in its recent U.S. reboot, the car becomes a snack for none other than Godzilla in this goofy but likable tie-in with the upcoming movie.

In this 45-second spot, created by The Richards Group, Big G chases down a four-door Fiat while generally wreaking havoc across a city, only to find the car's not quite the bite-size morsel he had in mind. (Some commenters have been amused by the ad's disclaimer assuring viewers that the giant-lizard-fueled mayhem "didn't actually happen.")

The movie debuts May 16. It stars Bryan Cranston, who will probably fire his agent that day. Unless he wakes up in bed next to Jane Kaczmarek, relieved that this puzzling career move was just a bad dream.

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