The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con


The Adult Swim Fun House

There is absolutely nothing weirder than an Adult Swim event and the network brought the crazy with this incredible inflatable castle, which is kind of a work of art all by itself. While exploring its offbeat insides, conventioneers got to stick their hands up gooey squidholes (look, it happened. That's all I've got for you), rub shoulders with Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Master Shake, wander through a really freaky hall of mirrors and then emerge either into "The Karaoke Cage"—not a metaphor—a second-story window with a slide to the bottom, or between a pair of huge, spread-eagled legs. Best in show, thus far.


FX’s Archer-Branded Pedicabs

FX's so-wrong-it's-right comedy about a spy who is also a huge dirtbag has the best branded pedicabs at the show (the Game of Throne ones are also good, although points taken off for reusing them, guys). The show's jerky protagonist is leaning over your shoulder, rotgut in hand, presumably hitting on your girlfriend or telling you he could kick your ass if he wanted to. The head wobbles as they cruise down the street.


The Godzilla Encounter

Legendary Entertainment shot the works on a pricey exhibition of Godzilla memorabilia, including props from the original 1950's flick and impressive displays of figurines and signage. Users get to wander around the museum snapping pictures with the Godzilla Encounter app, which brings up a cool overlay on some of the signs and a piece of concept art once you find all the overlays. Then Godzilla attacks. Seriously, everyone's rushed into an elevator which goes "up to the 25th floor," where the Destroyer of Tokyo himself appears and squints Eastwoodily at you through the windows.


Trolley Stops Written in Dothraki

Very few companies are here in as much force as Warner Brothers, and the flagship show on the conglomerate's cash cow HBO is more or less everywhere (as is True Blood, which gets literally honorable mention for organizing a sexy vampire-themed blood drive). Its best activation is one you might miss initially—signs for trolley stops around the con are written in one of the show's many languages, Dothraki (less helpful: instructions in Dothraki, as well). You could be forgiven for thinking you were actually in Vaes Dothrak, with all the folks dressed up as Danaerys Targaryen walking around; Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series at the con, in addition to being one of the most highly promoted.


Sharknado Goes Viral

Syfy's ridiculous stoner-bait movie Sharknado nearly broke Twitter when it premiered last week; let it never be said that fans don't like to be first at things. This cosplayer came to the con dressed as a sharknado; perhaps the best possible promotion for the brand, because it costs no money, has positive associations to all who see it (peals of laughter) and is visible to everyone walking the incredibly crowded floor at Comic Con. You'd have to pay an out-of-work actor a lot of money to do this.

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