The Cast of Girls Just Made This Sexual Assault PSA Dedicated to the Stanford Victim

Lena Dunham and the cast of HBO's Girls just released this sexual assault PSA, which questions the way society treats victims. The 90-second spot urges people to create a "safer, healthier environment for women to come forward" by listening to and supporting victims. 

Lena Dunham Wore the Same Outfit 3 Days in a Row, and Ann Taylor’s Loft Is Psyched

Loft has been courting millennials for months, and it just won over the generation's queen—Lena Dunham. The Girls star published a lengthy Instagram post this week about loving a Loft outfit so much, she wore it for 72 hours straight.

Scandal’s Guillermo Diaz Is Obsessed With Horror Movies, and Lena Dunham

Specs Age 40 Claim to fame Stars as Huck on ABC's Scandal (season finale airs May 7) Base Los Angeles

Jemima Kirke Talks About Her Abortion in This Frank and Powerful PSA

Actress and artist Jemima Kirke, best known as Jessa on HBO's Girls, terminated a pregnancy while she was in college in 2007. In this new PSA for the Center for Reproductive Rights, she shares that story. It isn't sensational or scandalous. In fact, her story seems rather common—and that's exactly why the PSA is affecting. 

These Stats Prove Femvertising Works

What makes a woman more likely to chose one brand over another?

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Twitter Fail: Being a Perfectionist

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The 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram Video

MTV, the National Basketball Association, the Peanuts cartoon, GoPro and the Miami Heat are the top brands on Instagram video when it comes to shares

Andie MacDowell Finds HBO’s Girls a Little Shocking

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Family Guy Pleads for an Emmy With Racy Spoof of HBO’s Girls

Fox's Family Guy has a new "For Your Consideration" ad for this year's Emmy Awards, because Seth MacFarlane's unfunny Rat Pack schtick hasn't ruined enough award shows yet.

Rapture-Palooza Star Anna Kendrick Is Addicted to Reddit

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