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Charmin Proudly Tweets That It Will ‘Take Care of Uranus’

Oh, Charmin. Don't ever change. The toilet paper brand, which previously chickened out and deleted its Thor-related joke about being the original "Asgardian," has apparently come around on potty puns. Charmin's newest tweet to cherish is a loose tie-in to summer sci-fi flick Guardians of the Galaxy. "While they're out guarding the galaxy, we'll take care of Uranus," the twitter image notes.  My favorite part? It's hashtagged #astronomy. Because if there's one crowd that loves Your Anus jokes, it's astronomers.  That wasn't the brand's only space-themed Twitter shenanigans. Check out its mildly uncomfortable repartee with Star Trek legend and social media superstar George Takei below. Hat tip to Marc Graser on Twitter. While they're out guarding the galaxy, we'll take care of Uranus. #astronomy #tweetfromtheseat — Charmin (@Charmin) July 30, 2014

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